Masked Singer fans think Mushroom is Bargain Hunt star after spotting gavel clue

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The Masked Singer's Mushroom is apparently Bargain Hunt host Natasha Raskin Sharp.

Fans of the show continue to guess who could be under the characters' masks but now a theory from point the finger towards TV star Natasha.

Here is the rundown of why she is a likely suspect and could be the star under the costume.

In the first clue package, Mushroom was seen in the woodland and in the opening clip, she said: “As a mushroom, I’m quite mellow and carefree, but I have been known to sprout in the most serious part of the forest, from time to time.”

“Did you know that mushrooms help control life in the woods, they can help things decay and bring new life, which is just like me, I like to start new things and try new lives.

The star continued: “In fact, when mushrooms pop their heads above the ground, they can take many forms and as they grow they might want to be any number of things.”

During the clip, Mushroom held up a gavel to which the panel began to speculate.

Comedian Jonathan Ross stated: “A gavel, an auctioneer’s hammer!”

To which singer Rita Ora then said: “Maybe it’s a judge?”

Natasha has also worked on Antiques Road Trip, Flog It! and on For What It's Worth, is an auctioneer at McTear’s.

The star has a wide range of hobbies and talents which could relate to Mushroom’s clue of taking “many forms” and wanting to be “a number of things”.

There is also the link between the art's specialist's love for food and the fact she is dressed as an edible mushroom.

Other Mushroom theories argue it is actually Doctor Who actress Alex Kingston, who played River Song in the series for seven years.

A Reddit user shared their reasons why they believed they had nailed Mushroom, including how the character's song choices were strikingly suspicious.

One fan said: "If you are a fan of Doctor Who you would know her first episode was Silence in the Library and her first song was It's Oh So Quiet.

"I've been 'known to sprout in a more serious part of the forest from time to time' could be referring to the fact huge revelations about her character was made in the episode Forest of the dead."

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