Money Heist theories: Was Nairobi pregnant before her death? Fans spot clue

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La Casa de Papel has seen some heartbreaking deaths over its four seasons so far, but one of the most brutal came in season four. Nairobi (played by Alba Flores) was shot dead by Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga) after she had recovered from her initial gunshot wound. However, now fans have spotted there might have been even more of a tragic element to her story – here’s why.

Was Nairobi pregnant before her death?

Shortly before her death in season four of Money Heist, it was revealed in a flashback how much she wanted a baby.

Having given up her first son, she spoke to the Professor (Alvaro Morte) about wanting to have another child.

She cornered him in the lead up to the second heist, asking if he would father her child.

After some initial reluctance, the Professor agreed and they made plans to have the baby after the heist.

Nairobi was over the moon and decided the baby would be called Ibiza in line with the place names all the characters have.

Sadly, her character was killed off before any of this could actually happen.

But now some fans have spotted a clue she might have somehow already been pregnant.

The clue came in the scene at the end of episode six.

In this clip, Nairobi can be seen resting on a picnic blanket in a red dress with other dead characters.

However, the thing which left some fans perplexed is she seems to be touching her stomach in a way reminiscent of how a pregnant person would.

Some viewers took to Reddit to discuss this more and work out what was happening.

Fan Budvigszandi wrote: “I’m a little bit confused by Nairobi’s last scene at the ending of season four.


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“She clearly seems to be holding her pregnant belly. So I’m wondering, was she pregnant at some point?

“Was she pregnant before the Royal Mint heist? If yes, whatever happened to the baby?

“Or was that scene just an honouring of what could’ve been the gang’s future in Toledo, had they not died?”

However, some other fans pointed out this was not a real flashback scene but seemingly a depiction of the afterlife.

Therefore, the moment seems to just be a nod to how Nairobi wanted a child, rather than her actually being pregnant.

Another user named KoolAidCrack wrote: “If you look closely you can see that Nairobi is pregnant and it’s because that was her only wish.”

Money Heist will soon be returning with its fifth and final season on Netflix.

The series has been filming for the last few months ahead of its return to screens.

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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