My 600lb Life star confuses fans after eating food for family of 12

Chris’s Mum returns in ‘My 600lb Life’

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Viewers were left stunned after My 600lb Life star Chris scoffed a breakfast fit for a giant during Thursday night’s episode. Weighing in at 620lbs, fans couldn’t believe the sheer volume of food Chris was consuming on a daily basis, hailing it “the most” they’ve “ever seen” from a TLC show star.

Opening shots of the most recent episode showed Chris Parsons as camera crews documented his mammoth mealtimes.

But one scene in particular sparked hundreds of social media complaints after he was seen eating “enough breakfast for a family of 12”.

Taking to Twitter, @jswtreeman wrote: “Dude is eating 4 plates of burritos without a damn thing to drink. #my600lblife”

While @MoparJade added: “Oh my god…that’s at least enough breakfast burritos for a family #my600lblife”

They said: “I thought he was meal prepping for the week.” As @RealitySusu added: “For a family of 12 [at] that.”

@maychick30008 said: “That is my food for an entire week!”

Account @ChickWithAVoice added: “I think this is more food then we have seen any other person on this show eat per meal.”

As @LaurieForReal said: “LOL, if you need more than 1 plate for your breakfast, you have a problem!”

Things then took a turn for the worst as Chris was seen eating more food, a giant container filled with spaghetti.

Reacting live, @DonafromItaly tweeted: “When he came out with the family size Tupperware of spaghetti I REALLY thought that was for the table.

“But nope, all for him. It never amazes me on this show.”

As @itsmygreylife wrote: “His eating a huge Tupperware of spaghetti by if that wasn’t bad enough his drinking a GALLON OF MILK dude who drinks milk with spaghetti?”

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Despite the massive mealtimes, Chris actually shocked viewers when he worked with doctors for a really impressive weight loss.

By the end of Thursday night’s episode, Chris had managed to lose 364lbs all on his own, without surgery.

His impressive outcome went down a treat with fans, as @Conradjohnson__ posted: “Nah Chris is the man!

“He dead a** said he has a 2yr plan!! I think this is the first time we heard someone speak like this to where I really believe him.”

Speaking after the episode aired, Chris told Distractify about why he refused to take surgery despite being offered it.

“I decided to not have the surgery,” he admitted. “I strongly believe that if you can do it without a major surgery, you should.”

Chris added: “But you also have to be prepared to get it if you cannot do it on your own and you truly gave it a shot.

“If you can naturally lose the weight, I believe that is the healthiest option and I plan to live to be at least 100 years old. So I need to take every step of my weight loss seriously.”

My 600lb Life airs Thursdays on TLC in the USA.

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