Netflix Ratched viewers share ‘trigger warnings’ over horrific abuse scenes

Viewers of Netflix 's Ratched have issued a plea for the show to come with a "trigger warning" due to its harrowing child abuse scenes.

The brand new drama was created by American Horror Story producer Ryan Murphy, and has sailed to the number 1 spot on Netflix since its release on Friday.

It's based on the villainous character from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

The show follows the story of the nurse, played by Sarah Paulson, who arrives at St Lucia State Hospital in 1947 to embark on a secret mission.

As nurse Ratched turns up at the hospital, serial killer Edmund Tolleson, played by Finn Wittrock, also arrives and he becomes the focus of several plots involving secretive administrator Dr Richard Hanover, who is played by Jon Jon Briones, and political press secretary Gwendolyn Briggs, played by Cynthia Nixon.

As the hit Netflix show goes on, viewers discover dark secrets about Mildred Ratched's past, as well as her secret connection to Edmund.

Some of the disturbing scenes have prompted viewers to beg producers for a clear "trigger warning".

There are scenes of violence, murder and child abuse across the eight episodes.

All episodes are rated 18 and Netflix provide a disclaimer in the corner of the screen which states: "Sex, language, violence, injury detail and suicide reference."

But some viewers argued the disclaimer wasn't enough.

Taking to Twitter, they called for show producers to include a warning before each episode so viewers know what to expect.

One person wrote: "The whole Ratched series is a trigger warning #sarahpaulson #Ratched #RatchedNetflix."

Another added: "Trigger warning if you want to watch Ratched: there is rape and conversion therapy in it. The sexual abuse (thus far, I'm only on episode 3) is mild but the conversion therapy is very intense and will be triggering!"

A third chimed in: " "cw // mention of trigger warnings in the pic since #Ratched doesn’t have an actual trigger warning scene or something, I listed them all and the episodes where they appear. Mostly are blood, gore, and murder, but there’s lesbophobia and child abuse too."

Other fans were full of praise for the show, with one writing: "YO PLEASE DONT CANCEL #ratched LIKE SOME PEOPLE ARE ASKING- it’s such an incredible show and so well written/acted/designed.

"Paulson does an incredible job and i’m absolutely HOOKED. all i ask is that maybe a disclaimer/trigger warning be put at the start of each episode (1)."

The Netflix horror series will return for a second season.

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