Piers Morgan left amused as GMB viewer tells him to stop 'Samantha' from 'butting in' in Susanna Reid name blunder

PIERS Morgan couldn't hide his amusement after a Good Morning Britain viewer told him to stop "Samantha" from "butting in" in an awkward Susanna Reid name blunder.

The 55-year-old star chuckled as he read out the tweet from a disappointed fan, while 50-year-old Susanna looked more unimpressed by the remark.

Piers said: "We've had a couple of viewer comments, Randall says: 'Piers, tell Samantha to stop butting in when you've got a guest on the ropes!'"

The TV presenter smiled: "I will yeah, I will tell Samantha that."

Rolling her eyes, Susanna defiantly replied: "Tell Samantha because I don't want to hear it!"

Later in the show, Piers addressed their earlier clash on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – with the outspoken star shocking his co-host when he compared them to international dictators.

Defending his right to have an opinion, he referenced Randall's gaffe as he said: "I have my view, and Samantha has a different view."

It was a heated instalment of Good Morning Britain all round today, with Piers and Susanna also locking horns in a tense debate about Mr Potato Head.

Susanna slammed Piers' "fragile masculinity" as she accused him of "rowing with himself in an empty room".

Last week, toy company Hasbro revealed they'd ditched the "Mr" from their umbrella Potato Head brand name – although male and female versions remain available to buy.

Piers would not stop moaning about the decision on the ITV breakfast show as baffled Susanna repeatedly clarified that gendered Mr and Mrs Potato Heads still exist.

She tried to reason: "Piers, they are not getting rid – do not worry, don't let your fragile masculinity be threatened.

"They are still having Mr Potato Head, no-one's getting rid of Mr Potato Head!"

But her efforts were fruitless as Piers refused to listen, instead complaining: "I want to be a Mr, thanks. And I don't want you telling me I can't be a Mr – and I want to buy a Mr Potato Head!"

Snapping, Susanna exclaimed: "You can be a Mr! And you can still buy a Mr Potato Head!

"You're literally rowing with yourself in an empty room just for the sake of having a row!"

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