Piers Morgan rages at Priti Patel in GMB clash and accuses her of reading notes

Good Morning Britain turned awkward on Wednesday as Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid grilled Home Secretary Priti Patel over the confusion viewers are experiencing with the current lockdown rules.

Ms Patel, 48, joined Piers and Susanna on the ITV breakfast show o discuss the latest developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Piers, 55, challenged Ms Patel over the 400,000 records lost from the police national computer and whether or not Britain should have been allowed to mix on Christmas Day.

The outspoken presenter later accused the MP for reading from a sheet of paper in front of her.

Piers asked the Home Secretary: "What are you reading by the way?" but she didn't answer the question.

The former newspaper editor was not the only one to call out Priti as viewers rushed to their keyboards to point out that the MP was reading from prompt notes.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Priti Patel is reading her responses from notes off camera."

Another added: "Look forward to the day when politicians return to TV studios and can’t rely on their notes quite so much. Priti Patel very obviously reading off a script during her media round this morning. You might be forgiven for thinking she’s not fully across her brief."

A third person posted: "Priti is reading out the government’s policy on the lockdown exercising because she still doesn’t know it."

Susanna, 50, wanted to clarify comments made by the Home Secretary about how people can exercise under current measures during the interview.

With confusion rife over whether members of the public could exercise on their own or with others, the pair clashed as the politician declared she wasn’t "getting muddled" with the facts.

During a recent press briefing, Ms Patel told the public they needed to "exercise on their own" and not use it as an excuse to "socialise" but Downing Street’s rules contradicted this statement

Number 10 stated people can either exercise on their own, with members of their own household or those they are in a support bubble with.

Susanna asked the Home Secretary to add more clarity and whether she would like to refute her earlier remarks.

Ms Patel replied: "It’s very well to take snippets of what I said out of context," going on to add she was simply “emphasising we desperately need people to follow the rules.”

Susanna asked: "I’m asking if you have sympathy with people who are still confused by the rules" before asking if the politician was getting the facts "muddled up".

The politician snapped back: “I’m not getting them muddled up,” before explaining she was referring to individual exercises such as running or cycling.

“I was specifically referring to people exercising on their own.."

Viewers took to Twitter to describe the tense television moment as a "car crash".

One fan posted: "How on earth does anyone watch GMB daily? It's pure embarrassing! Like watching little kids argue honestly"

Another added: "What a car crash interview."

A third person posted: "Well that's the last time we'll see Priti Patel on GMB whilst Piers is there."

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