Prince Harry never returning to royal family as subtle body clue exposed

Prince Harry exposed signs that he "never intends" to return to the royal family in Britain, an expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex jetted off to the States with Meghan Markle in early 2020 so they could start their new life in Montecito, California, after stepping down as senior royals.

Harry and Meghan now live in their lavish Santa Barbara home with their three-year-old son Archie and baby daughter Lilibet.

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But body language expert Inbaal Honigman reckons the Duke has vowed never to return to the royal family across the pond – and showed this with a very telling hand gesture.

It's come after a "revealing" trailer for Harry's tell-all Netflix docuseries – Harry & Meghan – dropped on Monday (December 13) promoting the second part of the show.

Inbaal spotted Harry tapping his hands over one another then resting them as he spoke about getting out of the royal family.

She said: "The new trailer is very revealing of Harry's inner workings when he talks about his escape.

"When he says he wonders what would happen had they not got out when they did, his hands are in front of his face, which shows a sense of control.

"The hands tap over one another – tap, tap, tap then rest. This is Harry reliving the feeling of getting out, hurrying out of the situation, then resting where he is.

She added: "The gesture shows that he believes this to have been a one-way journey, and he never intends to be back."

The body buff explained that Harry covering his mouth could hint that there's "more to the story which he is not revealing."

She went on: "When Harry recalls how he said 'we need to get out of here' he rests his head on his hand, showing deep thought, and then he immediately lifts his fingers to cover his mouth. There may be more to the story which he is not revealing."

Harry also showed off his "cheeky" side in the trailer, and his "childlike" smile seems to suggest he "doesn't care" if his decision to move will get a backlash.

Honigman said: "A very interesting split second is presented when Harry films himself on the flight out.

"He calls it the 'freedom flight' and then does a very cheeky smile, not a smile we see often on this mature father and soldier, this is a childlike smile, as if he knows that this will be badly received by the palace and the public, and he doesn't care anymore.

"Cheeky Harry is making a guest appearance there! He can envision his whole future of freedom, not just a flight."

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Finally, Honigman suggested that Harry was struggling to talk about 'fighting' for his freedom given that he seemed to be breathing deeply.

"When Harry says 'This was a fight worth fighting for', his shoulders move up and down as if he's breathing very deeply, this is a hard topic for him to talk about.

"It also appears as if he's 'nodding' with his full chest, he's affirming that this is truly what he believes."

The next three episodes of Harry & Meghan airs to Netflix on Thursday (December 15).

To check out Inbaal's work, you can visit her website here.


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