Raging Matty seethes at Suzy at emotional memorial for Holly in Emmerdale

Matty (Ash Palmisciano) has made no secret of the fact he is struggling having Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) in town and as the memorial for Holly comes around in Emmerdale, his feelings towards her are turning ever sourer.

As far as Matty is concerned, Suzy is the reason his sister is dead. Suzy revealed she sold her the last hit of drugs she ever took and now thanks to Suzy, Matty is painfully aware that he has to spend the rest of his life without his sister.

He plotted to get rid of Suzy, planting a bag of coke in her car in a bid to get her arrested, but that massively backfired and saw him the one to end up in hot water. He gave up with his revenge plan, but with Holly’s memorial coming around, emotions are set to run high.

Suzy wants to right the wrong between them and tries to chat to him to smooth things over, but enraged Matty does not at all take kindly to her even breathing the same air, let alone invading his personal space.

When she later shows up at the remembrance do it’s the last straw for Matty, who is who seethes at her insolence.

But he rages when he sees how grateful Moira is to Suzy for paying her respects.

Will his anger see him do something he’ll regret?

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