Reiss goes to war over Sonia in EastEnders with her odd new lodger Jed

When we first met Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman) in EastEnders, he was established as a bit of an awkward fellow who took a liking to Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy).

‘There’s a real spark immediately between Reiss and Sonia,’ the show’s boss Chris Clenshaw told us of Reiss’s introduction, while Natalie Cassidy said that Reiss was a ‘shining beacon of light’ in Sonia’s life.

Over the festive period, after Dot’s (June Brown), funeral, we didn’t really hear from Reiss a great deal.

However, as he returns to Walford to catch up with Sonia and help with some paperwork, it becomes apparent Reiss may like to hang around a bit more.

After an evening with her new pal, Sonia tells Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) about what they got up to, and she can’t help but wonder if Reiss may have wanted to be her new lodger but struggled to actually put the idea across.

As Sonia meets the potential candidates, it looks like Reiss may stand a chance as none of them really appeal to her.

However, Sonia then meets Jed – who gets her seal of approval.

This causes Reiss’ jealousy to grow somewhat. He hopes Sonia will end up evicting Jed after he slips up, but he manages to pull the situation around.

As things get difficult and Reiss fights for Sonia’s attention, will she get the hint that he may like her?

Or continued to be swayed by new face Jed?

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