'RHOBH' Recap: Camille Grammer Launches Attack on Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards in Explosive Finale

Mauricio’s Agency party turns into an all-out Housewives brawl the moment Camille arrives.

Camille Grammer’s guns were blazing on Tuesday’s Season 9 finale of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

The moment she entered Mauricio Umansky’s Agency party (they were celebrating the opening of their 25th branch), she walked over to Kyle Richards, who was standing next to Teddi Mellencamp.

When Kyle asked Camille if she was okay following last episode’s explosive dinner (when she decided to bring up Dorit Kemsley’s financial affairs after Lisa Rinna accused Camille of letting Lisa Vanderpump off the hook), Camille said no.

Screaming followed almost instantly.

"No, I wasn’t," Camille replied loudly and with a nervous laugh. "The other night was a shit show. I felt so ganged up on." Kyle maintained that was "never the intention."

"I understand, but then why did anybody bring up anything?" Camille fired back. "It was my wedding. That was not right for them. I can be friends with…"

Kyle tried to answer all of Camille’s questions, but she just kept talking and getting louder. Then when Teddi tried to intervene, Camille snapped.

"No! Shut it down, Teddi," she barked dismissively.

"You don’t need to be so…" Teddi tried to respond, but Camille fired back, "Shut it down! Shut it down!"

"You’re not worth my time," she added as she turned toward Kyle and put her hand up in Teddi’s face. Teddi walked away in disbelief, saying to herself, "Ohhh myyy Goddd."

Turning her sights back to Kyle, Camille continued, "Okay, so, you and I… That’s bullshit! That’s bullshit! Because I’m not jumping on the Lisa Vanderpump hate train?"

"That’s not fair," Kyle replied as she shook her head in disappointment.

"It wasn’t fair the other night what you guys did, and I was very disappointed in you," Camille replied, grabbing Kyle’s arms.

Kyle maintained she "wasn’t attacking" Camille, later venting to the camera, "I don’t know what happened to Camille. When we left Farmhouse, she was actually remorseful! And now she comes in here, guns blazing? What is going on here?" (Previously unseen footage from the dinner in question showed Camille apologizing to Denise Richards and assuring Kyle she’d be at the party.)

To Camille’s face, Kyle was more restrained. "I think feelings are running so high right now because of everything that’s going on. You see what I’m saying?" she said. "It’s miscommunication."

While Teddi was elsewhere, venting to Rinna and Erika Jayne about what had just happened, Dorit and Denise arrived. Denise was wearing a short, silver, sparkly dress with a white fur coat. Rinna told her she looked like a "cute, fashion hooker," but Denise disagreed, joking to the camera, "Honestly, hookers don’t dress like that. I’m sure some do; the ones I met didn’t!"

Once inside the party, Rinna walked straight up to Camille, who was chatting with other people. "Can I have a chat with you?" Rinna interrupted, which Camille met with a staunch no.

"After getting attacked the other night, I think I’ll wait a little while," she said. Rinna was visibly taken aback. "Camille, we didn’t attack you the other night," she maintained. "You understood it the other night, and you were fine with it the other night. What changed?"

"What changed? That I actually got my balls and realized that, after thinking about it, that I don’t have to say I’m sorry for saying something nice to Lisa!" Camille barked back. Rinna said no one was looking for an apology from her; they were simply letting her know what they had discussed in that van in Hawaii.

"Lisa Vanderpump and I know what we’ve been through," Camille said as she got up in Rinna’s face. Rinna replied calmly, "Do you know what Lisa Vanderpump has done to Dorit? You’re okay with that?"

Rinna later told the camera she felt "great sympathy" for Camille over losing her house and longtime assistant, as well as for Vanderpump over losing her brother, "but the truth is these behaviors have existed in this group long before either of these women had loss." She also noted that, when she lost her dad back in 2016, she didn’t play the "victim."

"Why did you come after me at my most vulnerable? After I lose my house and lose my assistant of 23 years?" Camille asked, pointing her finger in Rinna’s face. "Was that the time for you to bring up ’cause I said something nice about Lisa Vanderpump? How disgusting are you?! That’s disgustingly petty and immature. So let’s figure out who the mean girl really is, huh? Seems like it’s you!"

Camille rushed off with her friend and went to the bathroom to go collect herself. Denise followed. "Mama, come here," she said in a motherly tone, but Camille wanted nothing to do with her.

"Oh, no, no, no. I’m not getting into it with you. I like you, Denise," Camille said, noting that the "only thing" she felt bad about was what she said to Dorit.

"You f–ked up the other night, and you need to f–king apologize to her for that," a stern Denise fired back. Camille was reluctant, noting, "I don’t know if it’s f–ked up, but I went below the belt," but she agreed to go find Dorit. Out they went to go rejoin the party.

In the middle of Kyle and Mauricio’s speeches, Camille loudly whispered to Denise, "Sorry that I embarrassed her. I didn’t expect the ambush the other night!"

"I agree, and I had defended you for that," Denise loudly whispered in response.

"When I’m raw, right after I lost my house," Camille added. That’s when Dorit turned around and asked them to at least let the hosts finish their speeches.

Once they did, Camille assumed her position.

"Dorit, I do wanna talk to you," she said loudly. "I do wanna apologize." They walked away from the group to talk.

"I am so sorry," Camille continued. "And I said something really awful to you, and I feel terrible about it. And I’m sorry. And I know it really must’ve hurt you. I’m so sorry."

Dorit nodded her head in agreement. "It really hurt me," she said.

"I know. I didn’t wanna hurt you. I was just so raw, and I said something I wouldn’t normally say, and I’m so sorry," Camille repeated as Dorit stared back at her in silence. She later told the camera she didn’t take the apology seriously.

When Dorit walked away to get a drink, Teddi rushed over to catch Camille.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Round 200?

"I am so sorry for what you’re going through," Teddi said. "I don’t like the way you just talked to me prior, where I’m not even worth your time and all of that stuff…"

"Teddi, you have been so annoying to me. I’m sorry," Camille interrupted before pulling out a wild card. "Oh, by the way, my daughter’s upset with you. She walked up to you and said hi and you went, ‘I gotta go to the bathroom.’"

"Never!" Teddi replied. "Never. I can swear to you that I walked through security with the entire group and said, ‘Hi, guys!’ just like everybody else."

When Camille tried to walk away from the conversation, Denise showed up. Camille told Denise she had no interest in interacting with Teddi after Teddi snubbed her daughter, but Denise said there was no way that could’ve happened.

Teddi told Camille she was sorry for everything she was going through but asked her to "stop grabbing me and talking down to me." Denise said she wasn’t talking down to her, but Teddi said she had just missed it.

"We’re not in 7th f–king grade," Denise said, which angered Camille.

"Really? Really, Denise? After the other night? Who got attacked?" she shouted. "It was me, over petty shit!"

"Camille," Denise replied, "you know when we go…"

"I don’t know, Denise, so back off!" Camille shouted.

"You f–king back off!" Denise barked back. "Even if someone did, you don’t f–king say it! Don’t be condescending. You’re so f–king patronizing!"

She later told the camera, "I was married to Charlie Sheen, so I can handle drama. But enough’s enough, and she needs to stop."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 9 reunion begins Tuesday, July 16 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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