Ricky Gervais admits co-star almost died on set of Netflix show Afterlife

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Ricky Gervais went home with an NTA trophy on Thursday night after winning Best Comedy Show for his Netflix series titled Afterlife.

The actor stated he was "surprised" by the award as it wasn't his usual demographic but was thrilled with the accolade.

He also explained the new series will be out near Christmas time and also let a big spoiler go too.

The 60-year-old star told the Daily Star: "The dog does not die – that is the only spoiler I will give."

He then jokingly added: "Everyone else does but the dog does not die."

When talking about receiving the award and how much his cast meant to him, he told an anecdote about a scary story on set.

Ricky said on stage in the winner's room: "It’s so fun all the time on set, genuinely it really is, even though he nearly died eating cake," and pointed to cast mate Ethan Lawrence.

To which Ethan replied: "I'm lucky to be here, I was nearly killed by Ricky Gervais."

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Ethan then later revealed what really went on with the cake catastrophe.

Ethan said: "The cake scene functionally got out of hand. It was only one cake, but it's a lot of cake for two people to eat. A whole cake, two people – I mean, we've just had lunch."

The actor, who plays James in the programme, revealed that he loves working under Ricky's command, for the sheer freedom he allows his staff to have.

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Ethan continued: "The best thing about working with Ricky is the rumour is real – we finish earlier than other sets. Reducing a 13-hour day to a nine-hour day is amazing."

Ricky also shared a story about the reaction he gets from Afterlife fans and what it means to him when he hears their stories.

"The reaction has been incredible people come up to you saying 'I've lost my brother or I lost my mother,' you realise everyone is grieving. But however dark something is people want to see themselves on screen.

"It's been the best experience in terms of reaction out of everything ever done because of that emotional thing."

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