Selling Sunsets off-screen drama you need to know as rows spill onto Instagram

The latest season of Netflix’s Selling Sunset is not short of drama, with spats between Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young, Bre Tiesi and Chelsea Lazkani, making up much of the action. However, it appears the drama seems to have spilled off screen now that filming has wrapped and onto social media.

Heather Rae El Moussa is facing criticism on social media for her significant role in provoking conflict between Bre Tiesi and Chelsea Lazkani in the latest season. Recently, she addressed a fan's comment on Instagram, where the fan pointed out: “Going to someone and saying 'well so and so said this,' even if it is facts and 100% true, is not helpful and does stir drama."

Heather responded, calling Bre a “very close friend" saying: "If I felt she was upset like Chelsea said then I'm going to call my friend and check on her and see how she is. I wasn't stirring anything I was simply checking on my friend. Chelsea should have not brought up a private moment between her and Bre. That's why Bre was upset."

Fellow cast member, Chelsea weighed in on the drama, adding: “You conveniently spent multiple scenes asking me about Bre, only to get a response fro me, then run back and gossip. You knew exactly what you were doing. You were also stirring up shit by acting like you didn't know why I couldn't make your baby shower which was on the same day as my father's birthday.

“I spent weeks stressed trying to find a way to make it from LA to St Louis and back to make your baby shower, which would have had me leaving early from my daughter and father's birthday party. Let me remind you, you also made claims about Bre at your intimate birthday dinner (not filmed), a dinner that I was invited to and Bre was not, should we go there?"

Heather then posted this entire convo to Instagram, writing: "Play elsewhere."

Chelsea also responded to a comment on her own Instagram, stating: "We started filming the season and Heather told ME and production she really wanted to show our bond and relationship on screen, do double dates with our hubbys, this was all from her unprompted.

“I was excited and thought we were close. She met Bre and decided I didn't exist and our friendship meant nothing all the while I wasn't the only person 'close' to her that echoed similar sentiments. Maybe that's what she should have been gossiping about."

Elsewhere, Amanza just revealed that she has blocked Chrishell on Instagram despite there appearing to be no drama between the two whilst filming. Amanza wrote in the comments of her Instgram post: “I’ve never given any reason as to why I blocked chrishell to anyone because I don’t think anyone has asked so far. Don’t worry I’m happy to share in due time.”

Amanza refers to Chrishell as T in another response to a fan’s comment: “Nicole has been my dear friend for 11 years and T and Nicole‘s beef has nothing to do with me. No one even sees anything between T and I on season six so definitely don’t worry, my loyalty lies with the people that I believe are honest, genuine, and kind. I’ll leave it at that."

Chrishell is also shedding light on the conflict between herself and Nicole Young, taking to Instagram to share screenshots of messages she alleges were exchanged between her and Nicole before the filming of the latest season of the popular Netflix reality series.

The message from Nicole reads: “Hey lady! So…. Adam and Skylar randomly called me on Friday to tell me that I'm getting a contract to be a full-time cast member for the next two seasons. To say I'm shocked is the understatement of the year! Mainly because this news came out of the clear f*cking blue.”

The DM continues: "Anyway wanted to see if I could take you to lunch or happy hour sometime this week so I can pick your brain about the countless questions I have about the logistics of the show and also just get your advice on many things show/production related? You're obviously a pro and have everything show related figured out, so I'd absolutely love to learn some of your wisdom before jumping into the deep end, because I'm not going to lie, I'm f*cking terrified!"

Chrishell responds with "of course," and goes on to invite Nicole to lunch with the other women on the show. The Dancing With the Stars alum captioned her post: "This post goes out to those who love facts." Her costar and friend Emma Hernan commented: "WE GOT THE FACT CHECKER UP IN THIS B*TCH!!!!!!!!!!!"


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