Seth Rogen ‘genuinely worried’ during Tom Cruise’s Scientology pitch

Seth Rogen has recalled the hilarious moment Tom Cruise reportedly tried to pitch Scientology to him, and admitted to being ‘genuinely worried’. 

The Knocked Up actor appeared on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday to discuss his new memoir, Yearbook, which was released this month. 

In the book, Seth details the incident where he was invited to Tom’s home more than a decade ago as the actor wanted advice about getting into comedy. 

However, the talk then turned to the Mission: Impossible actor attempting to persuade Seth to join his Scientology religion. 

Recalling the occasion on GMB, Seth told Susanna Reid and Bill Turnbull: ‘It was a slow sell. At first I was a little insulted when he didn’t bring it up because I was like am I not good enough for him? Does he actually want to talk about comedy? Am I not good enough to be indoctrinated by this man? 

‘But eventually, it was around when he had just been jumping on Oprah’s couch and kind of just acting generally strange in the media and he started to say that he felt the media was manipulating how he was coming across.’ 

Seth, 39, then claimed that Tom, 58, said the media were being ‘incentivised’ to make him ‘look bad’ as Scientology’s stance against the use of pharmaceuticals was costing the industry money. 

‘Then he brought up his friend Louis Farrakhan which was a shocking revelation as well, he said they’ve also made him look bad in the media,’ Seth revealed. 

‘He said it’s all because of Scientology and if you give me an hour to just explain to you what Scientology is, it’ll blow your mind. You’ll say no way.’ 

Admitting his fears about turning the blockbuster star down, Seth added: ‘Honestly, I did not have the strength to say tell me about it because I was genuinely worried that I was not strong enough to have Tom Cruise pitch me on Scientology and say no to him because I’m a huge fan of him, honestly.’ 

Seth also shared his thoughts on cancel culture and jokes ageing badly over time, but the actor said it’s ‘not something [he] complains about’. 

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