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NETFLIX's Sex Education is known for pushing boundaries with its gritty on-screen romps.

Season 4 of the controversial sex-crazed show will soon return to our screens with raunchier and steamier scenes.

Series one, two and three followed Otis – played by Asa Butterfield – on his mission to lose his virginity and help his friends understand the art of the bedroom.

From self-pleasure to first times, were treated to all manner of romps as its teenage characters navigated puberty.

And fans of the show were left delighted and disgusted in equal measure by the intimate scenes littered throughout both of the much-loved series.

With season four on the way – it's likely fans can expect even more cringe-worthy sex scenes to watch with gritted teeth.


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So before we're treated to more outrageousness in the bedroom, we look back at some of the raunchiest scenes from the Netflix series.


Sex Education lays its stall out right from the start, with one of its most explicit sex scenes taking place in the opening 10 seconds.

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Aimee Gibbs is seen naked on top of her boyfriend Adam, who has checked out of the action without his girlfriend really realising.

They switch positions and Aimee fakes an orgasm, before Adam does the same.

However, his girlfriend immediately notices, leading to one of the first of many awkward conversations on the show.


This episode features a queer couple having sex, somewhat awkwardly.

While one is doing her best to please the other, her lover wonders why she's being so "vigorous".

Their lack of chemistry is something even Otis can't help repair, with one of the girls realising they're just not into the relationship any more.


Aimee spends the first few episodes of season one trying to fake her way through sex, telling her partners what she thinks they want to hear during sex and not what she actually wants.

But after a chat with Otis, Aimee decides to explore self love and ends up pleasuring herself all around her large bedroom as she finally works out what she does and doesn't like.


The season one finale delivered quite the twist when Adam is revealed to be bisexual.

During detention, Adam ends up getting into a fight with Eric, but their aggression soon turns to passion and they kiss, before having sex.


The show started as it meant to go on in season two, with Otis featuring in a montage of self-love.

Otis was seen pleasuring himself in all manner of inappropriate locations, with one particularly shocking moment seeing him ejaculate on the window of his mother’s car.


The show mostly focuses on the awkward sexual encounters of the pupils at Moordale High, but this episode highlighted that the teachers have just as many issues in the bedroom.

Miss Sands and Mr. Hendricks don't have the sexual chemistry she needs, as an opening scene reveals, so her boyfriend does his best to rectify that, in a number of awkward and hilarious scenes.


This episode saw Olivia sneak her boyfriend Malek into her bedroom under the pretense of practicing classical dance with her.

While her mother sits downstairs, the pair put loud music on have sex, before Olivia covers Malek's face with a pillow to stop him seeing her orgasm face.


This raunchy, hilarious scene became very controversial on social media amongst fans.

Cynthia, who has developed a voracious lovemaking appetite, and her partner Jeffrey decide to spice up at dinner with some lovemaking.

Their steamy trailer soon starts to rock left and right, with the furniture shifting around as the couple's cat observes them.

Due to the forceful shaking, a weighty appliance falls on cute kitten Jonathan and kills him.

As the scene progresses, Jeffrey ends up with his pants around his knees, begging to stop as he is too exhausted to continue.


The animated erotic sci-fi version of Lily (Glenoxi) is brought to life in this creative scene, which is reminiscent of Lily's tumultuous adventure in search of sexual experiences.

It displayed how Ola, who was depicted as the other animation, has helped free Lily from some of her self-conscious and insecure thoughts.

The animated piece is fittingly set on a distant planet and includes the discovery and strange love making between two meta-human female beings. 


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The scene represents Lily's inner thoughts and exploration of her attraction to women.

Sex Education seasons 1, 2 and 3 are available on Netflix now.

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