'Shadow and Bone': The Show's Easter Eggs Hint at What's to Come

Shadow and Bone is Netflix‘s latest sensation. The series follows Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), an orphan-turned map-maker. Desperate to remain close to her best friend, Malyen “Mal” Oretsev (Archie Renaux), Alina accidentally reveals an extraordinary power that could free her country from the menacing fold that has split the country in half for centuries.

Season 1 ended with a ton of unanswered questions. However, if you were paying attention to the Easter eggs on the show, they have given fans some hints and clues about what they can expect going forward.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains MAJOR spoilers from Netflix’s Shadow and Bone Season 1. Read at your own risk.]

‘Shadow and Bone’ is based on a series of books

Shadow and Bone is based on Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels. The Shadow and Bone book series is a trilogy of novels titled Shadow and Bone (2012), Siege and Storm (2013), and Ruin and Rising (2014). The Netflix series also uses elements from books that occur in the same universe. They include Six of Crows (2015), Crooked Kingdom (2016), King of Scars (2019), and Rule of Wolves (2021).

Though there was a lot of material to work with, Shadow and Bone changes a lot from the books, including giving Alina a lot more agency and control of her destiny. “I wanted there to be changes,” Bardugo told Elle. “I don’t believe that a page-by-page adaptation is necessary or interesting.” 

When will Season 2 of ‘Shadow and Bone’ premiere?

Though Shadow and Bone has remained in the Top 10 on Netflix since it first debuted, the streaming service has not yet renewed the show for a second season. However, given the ratings and Netflix’s track record with shows that have done well in the past, we could guess that a renewal announcement is on the way.

At the end of season 1, Mal and Alina part ways with the Crows. Most of the country of Ravkan assumes that the Sunbrining is dead. We also saw General Kirigan (Ben Barnes), aka the Darkling, attempt to expand his powers. However, things don’t turn out as he hoped. Still, the general survives, but no one knows that yet.

Season 2 of Shadow and Bone will likely follow the second book of Bardugo’s trilogy. Siege and Storm centers Alina and Mal after they run away. Meanwhile, General Kirigan, aka The Darkling, wields a terrifying new power.

‘Shadow and Bone’s Easter eggs are major clues for fans

While Season 2 is not yet official, there are a ton of Easter eggs in Season 1 that hint at what’s to come. In the show, Alina gets a book titled The Lives of Saints, which she will need later in the saga.

When she arrives at the Little Palace, Alina also spots some royal portraits. One is the current royal couple and their current heir. But there is also a smaller painting of Nikolai, the second son. Book fans will know Nikolai Lantsov is a major player in Alina’s fight to destroy the Fold.

Also, eagled eyes fans will have spotted, Bardugo herself as a blond woman at the palace welcoming Alina after seeing her powers on display.

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