‘Shaking’ Jane McDonald forced to stop activity after she ‘couldn’t breathe’

Jane McDonald tries indoor skydiving

Presenter Jane McDonald was forced to briefly stop an activity after feeling like she ‘could not breathe’.

During Cruising with Jane McDonald: Down Under, Channel 5 viewers watched as Jane explored the Gold Coast in the repeated episode as she attempted to surf.

However, due to rainy weather conditions, the plan had to quickly change and they went to find something else to do instead.

Deciding to give indoor skydiving a go, Jane watched as people defied gravity in a huge clear cylinder.

Looking at the people taking part, she said: “That’s pretty scary stuff.

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“I’m at an age now where you know, the bladder’s not very good! So anything can happen in there really!”

Laughing at her frankness, it was then time for Jane’s turn as she got into her blue jumpsuit, safety helmet and goggles.

Although not long after entering the circular tube, it was clear something wasn’t right as she quickly got out.

Speaking to the cameras’s she said: “It’s the breathing, I can’t do- I’m absolutely shaking. I couldn’t breathe.”

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However, that didn’t stop her from giving it a second go as the team gave her a full-face helmet to help with her breathing.

It seemed as though the swap made a huge difference as Jane soon started to enjoy her experience.

She commented: “I’m so pleased I had another go.”

Being given a huge round of applause when she left the cylinder, Jane had a huge grin on her face thrilled she managed to do it.

She added: “As soon as I asked for this with the visor on, I was absolutely fine.

“So if you’re going to have a problem, stop and say I’m uncomfortable with something.

“Now, I could go back in there and do it all day, it was absolutely brilliant.”

Cruising with Jane McDonald: Down Under is available to watch on Channel 5.

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