Shaun Wallace speaks out on ditching The Chase persona ‘Not the Dark Destroyer’

Shaun Wallace on being a barrister while filming

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Shaun Wallace spoke with host Lorraine Kelly on Wednesday’s show about the latest series of Beat the Chasers, which is currently airing on ITV. The programme, hosted by Bradley Walsh, sees The Chasers working together in a bid to beat one hopeful contestant. The 61-year-old explained he has been on The Chase since the very beginning with Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett and Bradley.

However, he only realised what a hit the show was going to be when Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty joined the team.

Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan and Paul ‘Sinnerman’ Sinha were then added to the line-up before Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis.

As well as appearing on The Chase, the quizzers all have daytime jobs which keep them rather busy.

Shaun also juggles being a full-time barrister alongside his role on the ITV quiz show.

When asked how he manages to cope with doing both, Shaun explained: “I’ve got a really supportive set of clients in my chambers.

“And you know, they support me in terms of when I’m filming then it’s back to my day job. I owe them a great deal.”

Lorraine asked: “Do you still get people that when you represent them saying, ‘There’s that man off The Chase?'”

The Chaser replied: “Obviously jurors recognise who I am but it’s a completely different scenario.”

He continued: “I’m not Shaun Wallace The Dark Destroyer, I am Shaun Wallace the barrister and that’s how it should be.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Shaun opened up about whether he gets competitive with his fellow quizzers on Beat The Chasers.

“When it comes to fighting for the buzzer, Jenny and Paul are super-lightning quick so, if I can get it, I get in.”

He also discussed his first audition for the show when he was selected to be the first Chaser.

“When they were satisfied it was going to be a runner, then they brought in Mark and we did the pilot at the old Granada Studios in Manchester,” he recalled. “And here we are 13 years later.”

Speaking of its success, he added: “Me and Mark thought this could go when they brought in Anne for the second series.

“That is when we really thought it was going to take off.

“Everybody who has been a Chaser since Paul, then Jenny, then they brought in Darragh, it has been fantastic.”

“We are one big happy family and we all get on really well,” the Dark Destroyer said.

He went on to add he and host Bradley also share a birthday together.

“When I first did the pilot, it was a day before my 49th birthday and that was when I first saw Bradley was going to be the host and we struck up a good relationship.

“We are twins from a different mother, we get on really well.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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