Should be seen by everyone’ First Dates’ Merlin on what viewers don’

First Dates Hotel: Merlin Griffiths gets his Tarot cards read

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Merlin has been a staple on the Channel 4 dating show for nearly a decade as viewers get to see a batch of singletons go on blind dates in search of love. With the equally popular spin-off First Dates Hotel in its seventh series, the bartender shared which part of the show is never seen.

Following a similar format to the Channel 4 show, the First Dates team, including Fred Sirieix, Cici Coleman, Grant Urquhart and Merlin help people find love in the sunshine.

Based in Southern Italy, couples will enjoy dinner at the hotel before getting to decide if they want to see each other again.

If things go well then they can choose to stay the night in the hotel and spend the following day getting to know their date.

Although viewers get to see the awkward, heartfelt and sometimes hilarious moments with the diners, Merlin revealed there’s a part people don’t se

Speaking to, the Channel 4 bartender said: “I’ll tell you there’s one thing that you wouldn’t have seen.

“Our staff catering that goes on in the hotel which quite frankly is something that should be seen by everyone.

“It’s quite amazing, Elisa and her team of Italian chefs.

“They’re proper old school home cooking Italian ladies, there’s her and about three others.

“She guides us through, I swear to God I put on about five kilos when we were working in Italy 

“The food was so amazing, absolutely amazing but you never would have seen that.”

Merlin added the staff would get a variety of food from different salads to homemade pizza and pasta dishes.

Also, the Channel 4 star revealed the diners do not get the same food as the staff on the show as their meals are made by a Michelin star chef.

With the seventh series of First Dates Hotel in full swing, Merlin teased some of the diners set to make an appearance throughout the show.

He mentioned viewers will see a teacher, a World Record holder, a spider collector, dancers, a psychotherapist and animal lovers.

Merlin added: “Some of them single for a week others for a lifetime but they’re all there for one thing. Yeah, a really wonderful group of guests.” 

In the latest episode of First Dates Hotel, viewers got the see twins Bethany and Shannon arrive who both were on the lookout for love.

Fans also saw 57-year-old Annie get matched with 47-year-old Rachel who wanted to add a bit of hedonism into her life.

Speaking about the series, Merlin added: “We can all relate to little things that you see on there. 

“You know someone like it or we’ve been that person in that situation and I love it.

“I love the fact that so many people have little personal hurdles and personal challenges to overcome in doing it as well.”

First Dates Hotel airs Tuesdays on Channel 4 from 9:30pm

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