So the Other 'Bachelorette' Contestants Don't Seem Too Upset About Jed Wyatt's Secret Girlfriend?

Our girl Hannah Brown’s reality TV show journey to finding love is coming to an end, but the drama just keeps on coming. One of the most scandalous things about this season was the fact that frontrunner Jed Wyatt had a SECRET GIRLFRIEND this whole time, and the woman in question, Haley Stevens, said that Jed was only on the show to promote his music career. And tbh, that checks out—it seems like Jed is singing or play the guitar on the show every chance he gets, and it’s just been a cringefest.

But you know who doesn’t seem outraged by the fact that Jed was being shady the whole time? The rest of the Bachelorette cast—which is surprising, as most of the time contestants are on each other about being there for the “right reasons.” Some of the men talked about the Jed situation before the Men Tell All episode on Monday, and contestant Dylan Barbour told ET, “I’m really hoping she picks Jed. I liked Jed. I think he genuinely loves her…I felt like Hannah and Jed had a connection since Rhode Island that was unmatched by anybody else. So I’m hoping that it’s authentic. I hope they kinda maintain that connection and it works out.”

John Paul Jones was also pretty calm about the Jed thing, saying, “I really don’t know all the facts of the matter and I am not sure about the primary sources, so, you know, I can’t really have a concrete position on that.” But he also added, “Jed was just a really sweet guy and, you know, I’ve never heard him say anything bad to anyone.”

And Mike Johnson, who Twitter wants to be the next Bachelor, seemed a little more upset about Jed’s secret GF, saying, “He made my girl unhappy, and so whether [the reports] are true or false, he needs to put a smile back on Hannah’s face.” But he also said that he liked Jed, sharing, “Jed was super…I really liked Jed. I mean, he’s one of my best friends in the house. We spent a lot of time together. We were roommates every time we traveled. So, I’m really hoping he finds love with Hannah.”

For comparison, this was me when I heard the news about Jed having a girlfriend:

UGH. Where is the outrage here, people?!

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