Sony Rescues Fox 2000 Team with HarperCollins Deal

Elizabeth Gabler and her Fox 2000 team have found a new home after being giving their walking papers by Disney. In a move that surprised everyone, the House of Mouse shuttered Fox 2000 almost immediately after the big Disney-Fox deal was done, leaving Gabler and her team out of a job. Now, Sony has stepped in, and Gabler and her team will produce film and TV content based on HarperCollins books.

Variety broke the news about the Sony saving the Fox 2000 team, writing: “Elizabeth Gabler is joining Sony Pictures Entertainment in an innovative media deal that will see the longtime executive produce film and TV content based on HarperCollins books.” They added that Gabler ” will bring her entire development team of Erin Siminoff, Marisa Paiva, Nikki Ramey and Molly Saffron to Sony at the end of August.”

When Disney was in the midst of acquiring Fox, they claimed that Gabler and her Fox 2000 team would be safe after the deal was done. That turned out to not be true:

Rothman added that Gabler and Murray are “the gold standard at their respective jobs and I am overjoyed that we will all be working together in this very forward-looking partnership.” It’s worth noting that while the deal stipulates that the material being adapted will be from HarperCollins, Gabler and her team aren’t limited to only use HarperCollins titles.

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