Spoilers: Alya destroys Geoff in Corrie as she wages war against the monster?

Alya Nazir (Sair khan) has long held her suspicions about Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) in Coronation Street, and in the coming episodes, she comes to learn of what he’s really capable of as she realises that he’s the one who’s been posting nasty reviews about Speed Daal online, but — as she attempts to get her grandmother Yasmeen (Shelley King) to see what he’s really like — will she manage to take the monster down?

With harsh reviews of Speed Daal popping up on the internet, Ayla has become hellbent on figuring out who’s behind it. When looking over the new menus — which Geoff had done up — she spots the same spelling mistake in said menus which the reviewee had made online, and thus it dawns on her that Geoff is the culprit.

Meanwhile, Yasmeen is determined to go back to work, but Geoff insists that it isn’t a good idea and asks her to make him a nice meal instead. She does so, but as they sit down to lunch, Alya comes storming in and reveals her discovery — presenting Geoff with the evidence to prove it was he who’d made the negative reviews.

Of course, Geoff denies having any such knowledge, and Yasmeen takes her husband’s side — claiming that it doesn’t make sense for Geoff to post negative reviews about his own restaurant.

Geoff makes clear that they can no longer work together, and suggests that she sells her share of the business to him, but she’s clearly not keen on such an idea.

Manipulator Geoff reveals that Alya is out to get him, and thus he plans to see a business advisor to see where they stand, as Alya discovers numerous cash withdrawals from the Speed Daal account.

Geoff later informs Yasmeen that they should sell up and move abroad, telling her that she deserves a better life.

Meanwhile, Alya reveals her concerns with Ryan (Ryan Preston) which prompts Eileen (Sue Cleaver) to reveal that Geoff locked Yasmeen in a box several weeks back, leaving her horrified.

Alya is more convinced than ever that Geoff is a bad influence on Yasmeen, and thus she’ll no doubt make it her mission to get her grandmother away from him?

Will she manage to destroy Geoff and expose him in the process?

One to watch: Friday 13 March at 8:30pm on ITV.

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