Spoilers: Emma's exit confirmed in Corrie as she moves to Australia with Jon

Emma Brooker’s (Alexandra Mardell) exit storyline has been confirmed in Coronation Street.

For a while now, Emma has been in a secret relationship with Jon – the grandson of the old man Faye (Ellie Leach) killed at the start of the year.

This week, Faye and Craig (Colson Smith) met Emma’s secret boyfriend and were stunned to recognise him.

To make matters worse, Jon remembered that Craig was the person who investigated Ted’s death.

Far too close to the truth, Emma decided to dump Jon and tonight, she was heartbroken.

Despite Emma’s sadness, Faye continued to remind her they were doing the right thing as if Jon knew what really happened – they’d probably be behind bars.

Fortunately, things changed dramatically.

When Jon arrived at the flat, Faye blurted out the truth.

After processing the news, Jon told Emma he has no intention of involving the police and he’d still like her to move to Australia with him.

Emma agreed and broke the news to Craig and Faye that she’s leaving soon to start her new life.

It looks like Emma will get a happy ending after all.

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