Spoilers: Leanne in Corrie takes on Natasha in tense showdown over Nick's son

It’s safe to say Nick Tilsley’s (Ben Price) recent discovery in Coronation Street that he has a son came as quite a shock to him. So far he’s been toying with the idea of telling Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) but is yet to build up the courage to do so.

However, soon Nick is set to finally tell Leanne that he has a son, and after Leanne absorbs the news, she asks Nick one thing – to see Natasha (Rachel Leskovac) and meet his son.

Steve (Simon Gregson) and Leanne are busy meeting with a hospital mediator but their hopes are dashed when Oliver’s doctor reiterates there’s nothing they can do for Oliver and that a second opinion would be a waste of money.

Leanne and Nick attend a meeting with their new barrister, but Nick is distracted on his phone texting Sam. The meeting runs over, and Leanne accuses Nick of being more interested in his phone than Oliver’s welfare. Realising he has no choice; Nick reveals the person he’s been texting is his son.


Nick explains how Natasha gave birth to his son 9 years ago but kept it a secret from him. When he admits he met Sam a few days ago, but kept the truth from her as he was worried about the strain she’s already under with Oliver, Leanne’s furious and insists he summons Natasha and Sam to the hospital.

As Leanne meets the two of them, how will she react?

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