Spoilers: Tyrone and Phill buried in cement in huge Coronation Street fight

Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and Phill Whittaker (Jamie McKenna) are creatures of habit when it comes to petty fighting over Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) in Coronation Street.

The two characters are normal, innocent men (Hacker T Dog and Lauren Layfield, you are welcome), they don’t fight with deadly weapons like guns…

They fight with inflatable unicorns and plastic swords!

Coming up, as Tyrone wonders what Phill is up to, Hope (Isabella Flanagan) manages to work out the truth while borrowing Phill’s laptop.

Taking revenge in true Hope style, she grabs the keys to the mini digger and hops inside.

When Phill arrives, he is horrified to watch the digger swing round and smash the window screen on his car.

The next day, Ty calls at Phill’s house to collect Fiz’s things, certain they’ll soon be reunited.

However, a row soon ensues and as Tyrone makes a grab for his enemy, they lose their balance and tumble into the wet cement on the patio.

As Phill scours the wet concrete, he reveals he’s lost an engagement ring.

But will Fiz say yes when he eventually finds it and proposes?

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