Springwatch viewers in hysterics as Michaela Strachan gets to grips with a 'girthy' tree

SPRINGWATCH viewers were left in hysterics as Michaela Strachan got to grips with a "girthy" tree.

The presenter, 55, gave fans a demonstration on how to determine the age of an oak tree tonight – and were left cracking up over her choice of sexual words.

During the segment Michaela urged those watching the BBC Two show to go out and a tree a hug because of the mental health benefits.

She later explained that it is also a way of telling how old the perennial plant is.

Michaela said: "Let's have a look at this tree, it's relatively small.

"We can work out the age of this tree in a non-invasive way, we can measure it's girth, avoiding any gnarly bits at breast height, you measure the girth.

"It's 3.7m and by using a graph we can tell this tree is about 180 years old!

"As I say that's relatively young for an oak tree…

"Let's think about this Chris, this was growing in the 1840s when Charles Darwin was still working out the theory of evolution! Amazing ay?"

Despite being told some very interesting information, fans were quick to point out the cheeky words Michaela used during the demo.

One wrote: "Girth and breast aye aye #Springwatch."

A second said: "#Springwatch Michaela hugging trees & measuring girth. TV gets no better!"

A third added: ""Measure the breast-height girth" is quite the sentence. #Springwatch."

This isn't the first cheeky encounter the programme has had since being back on our screens for its seventeenth series.

Yesterday fans dubbed the programme "X-rated Watership Down" after they aired two hares having sex.

Michaela and co-host Chris Packham were giving the down low on what hares get up to during mating season and managed to show them getting down and dirty.

During the same episode Chris panicked when he spotted a number of missing swallow eggs from a nest.

He was also left concerned by "unusual behaviour" of the birds nesting on the eggs, as he captured the antics of the wildlife birds.

Springwatch is back on tomorrow [Thursday 27 May] at 8pm on BBC Two

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