Stacey Solomon takes break from Instagram after feeling 'jet lagged' from sleepless nights with Rex

STACEY Solomon took a break from Instagram today after feeling jet lagged from her sleepless nights with son Rex.

Stacey, 31, said her youngest with partner Joe Swash kept her up again as he adjusts to life in their new dream home.

The star moved into the £1.2 million mansion at the end of last month, and has been busy working her magic on the huge property.

But, exhausted following a restless night with Rex, she wrote on Instagram earlier today: "This pickle is not sleeping lately, So I feel like I've got jet lag this morning, I'm going to put my phone in the drawer and try to get some energy back.

"I hope you all have a lovely Sunday. Love you all to the moon and back…"

Earlier in the day Stacey hosted her sister Gemma and her kids in their huge garden, and revealed they ended the day playing hide and seek in the dark.

Stacey looked terrified as she told fans her sister Gemma and husband-to-be Joe had forced her into playing the game.

Stacey continued to film as she ran away from Joe, 39, shouting at him to "stop" because she "didn't like it".

"Hated the whole experience and lasted about 30 seconds because I needed my phone torch," she wrote alongside a video on Instagram.

DIY goddess Stacey has been wowing followers with her first room makeover in her house – starting off small with the downstairs toilet.

The space originally had bright red flooring and plain white walls, but she installed MDF wood panelling in white and painted the walls blue to match the toilet and sink patterns.

Later, she couldn't hide her excitement as she updated fans that the flooring was finally down, which meant that there were just some finishing touches left to do.

The nautical-themed new loo has seen the red floor get replaced with chic grey wood, and white wooden slates border the walls.

She showed off her incredible toilet transformation on Instagram as various makeovers get underway at her new home.

Stacey has also made a start on renovating many other rooms in the huge home – including their conservatory, and her oldest sons' bedrooms.

The mother-of-three has also set to work on the outdoor pool, with the Essex property sitting on 2.5 acres of land.

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