Steph McGovern reveals concerns for baby daughter during pandemic: ‘I’ve been worried’

The Steph Show continued with the former BBC presenter speaking to guests about how they were staying connected to their friends and family. Steph also wanted to give viewers advice on what to do to stay in touch with their grandchildren, particularly those who are yet to meet newborns.


In a video message, Sue and Graham from Hull asked: “Our beautiful granddaughter Darcey was born last week.

“We’ve only been able to see her through the window but we do feel we are connected with her.

“Is there any other advice you can give us on how to build a relationship with her during and after lockdown? Thank you.”

As the camera returned to Steph who was sitting in her kitchen, she opened up about her own concerns regarding her daughter’s connection with her parents.


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Steph commented: “Yeah, again, it’s just that thing isn’t it.

“That’s something I know I have been worried about with my little one.

“She’s five-months old and it’s just thinking, she had so much interaction with her grandparents and now, do you need to worry about them not having that bond with them.

“This is a concern for a lot of people.”

Steph continued: “I know when I was chatting to my mum and dad about this last night, because I was saying we’re going to be talking about grandparents tomorrow, what would you say for your advice?

“Obviously there’s all that technology you can use to connect and then things like we saw Fred doing there like going up to the window to chat through the window.

“But doing little things like sending cards can make a big difference.”

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Steph recently revealed how her parents helped her to set-up her own Channel 4 after the lockdown began.

Writing in the Radio Times, she explained how they have helped look after her car so she could set up a studio in her garage.

“During each show there’s a production team of 12 on site,” she explained.

“Four are in my garage (I moved my car to my parents’ house), all two metres apart, with eight others either outside orin one of the four trucks on the drive and in the garden.


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“We’ve had to add a Portaloo and set up a hand sanitising station, so we’re lucky we’ve a house that made it possible.

“The first day was disruptive for the neighbours, but they’ve been great.”

Steph added she wasn’t sure the show would even get the go ahead: “We were all set to launch from a studio at Leeds Docks on 30 March, but around the beginning of March we started to think that might not be possible.”

The Steph Show airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 12pm.

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