Stephen Mulhern left in tears by Rolling In It contestants story: Gets emotional

Rolling In It: Stephen Mulhern opens up on contestants’ stories

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ITV star Stephen Mulhern is back with season two of his hit show Rolling In It. The show began airing on Saturday nights on August 8, 2020, and is based on an arcade-style machine that sees contestants paired up with a well-known celebrity to take a chance at winning thousands of pounds. The pairs then must answer a series of general knowledge questions to win coins, which they then roll down lanes towards open slots worth various amounts of money. However, it isn’t as simple as it sounds with various lanes which could also lead to a ‘bankrupt’ or ‘steal’ ultimately eliminating the other contestants. Once through to the final the contestant gets the choice as to whether they wish to roll one coin into a large jackpot slot going home with a huge cash prize, but if they miss, they go home with nothing. 

In a recent interview with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning, Stephen spoke about the new series and how seeing some contestants win “gives him goosebumps”.

Eamonn introduced Stephen as: “The staple of Saturday night telly and if you’ve been watching at half-past six on Saturday nights on ITV you will have seen him keeping you on the edge of our seats with the latest series of ‘Rolling in it’

“Stephen congratulations with that, addictive.” 

Stephen started: “It is addictive, with game shows if you get a form up where the contestants are on the edge of their seats but more importantly the viewers are, you know it’s going to work. 

“Hosting it is a dream because genuinely I get so nervous for them because the basic idea of the show for those that haven’t seen it is that we have three contestants and three celebrities that help them out.

“There are 15 questions, at the end of the 15 questions whoever has got the most amount of money gets to roll one gold coin and if you get it in a winning slot you take the money home but if you get it in the lose slot you’re walking away with nothing, not even a goody bag.” 

Ruth replied: “That’s brutal”

Stephen continued: “It is brutal but it’s brilliant, it seems to be storming it at the moment and yeah you mentioned about it’s on at 6:30 which is a bit of an earlier time.”


Ruth then asked: “You say that the celebrities help, I mean do they help?”

“On this, you see celebrities literally tense up because it’s their job to genuinely help members of the public,” Stephen said. 

“And if somebody is playing or rolling for £60,000 and it’s happened on this series where a celebrity goes ‘I think you should go for it and they’re [the contestant] going it’s a bit too much, let’s pass and they [celebrity] go look go for it have courage in your conviction and they do and they lose it the celebrities are mortified.” 

Ruth went on to speak about the celebrities who will be taking part in the show including Rob Beckett, Brenda Redwood and Jordan North. 

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“Can you give us any indication on how they’ve done?” she probed.

“Well Rob Beckett doesn’t look as silly as he makes out he’s actually quite intelligent and he plays the game tactfully,” Stephen explained. 

“Jordan North again he said he felt physically sick!”

Taking the opportunity Ruth joked: “He’s got a tendency for that hasn’t he?” 

Stephen continued: “Brenda, you know this, she’s very supportive but of course those coins have got a mind of their own you can’t control these coins.

“The only skill is answering the questions and when it comes to the coin people think they can, they’ll guide the launcher but uh uh.” 


Eamonn then went on to ask about how it felt knowing that someone has a large sum of money and to know that it means so much to them. 

Stephen agreed, adding: “Yes it does, and I think the lovely thing about the contestants is the casting team that takes all of the auditioned entries that you are sending in saying I want to be on the show they really make sure that everybody that’s on there are worthy winners.

“I don’t want to hear somebody going well I had a holiday last month you know I’ll fancy another one. I don’t wanna see you go on another holiday.”

“We had one contestant who said I just need a new mattress for my kid, and I need to fill my fridge and [it] genuinely gives me goosebumps now because you go wow! you’ve won 40 grand and you deserve that, and you know for a fact it will mean so much more.” 

Rolling It In season two airs every Saturday at 6:30 pm on ITV. 
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