Strictly 2020: Maisie Smith blasted by co-star over previous experience ‘Already won!’

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Every year, a couple of weeks after the main series, Strictly Come Dancing has a Christmas Day special. Usually, a few familiar faces take part – contestants from previous years who didn’t make it very far in the show, alongside some newcomers. In 2019, Maisie Smith took part and was partnered with Kevin Clifton, together they won the special episode. This year, the EastEnders actress is back, having signed up to the actual dance competition. But what do her fellow co-stars make of her previous experience? 

Nicola Adams OBE, seems to be the most competitive contestant of the 2020 series, after all, the Olympic champion is used to winning. 

When asked who her biggest rival is, Nicola told and other press: “I don’t know to be to be fair, everybody could be really good once we start. 

“I guess maybe Maisie because she’s already done it before so she knows what she’s doing. 

“I think she’ll to be a winner,” the sportswoman added. 

Nicola on the other had has no previous dance experience. 

“None whatsoever, apart from social my moves on social media,” she laughed. 

But is there a particular dance she is looking forward to learning and performing? 

“Maybe the Cha Cha Cha or the Tango,” Nicola replied. 

However, her biggest challenge is going to be “learning the routines”. 

“I’ve got the physical side, I’m pretty fit, I’m pretty in shape,” Nicola revealed. “So the fitness side of things won’t be a problem. 

“It’s just learning the actual routine where I think it will be quite tricky.” 

Nevertheless, Nicola is keen to give it 100 percent of her effort. 

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“I like to win so it has to be yes, I’m in it to win it,” she said. 

“My competitive nature is coming back out again as soon as you put a title, any title on the line for anything I want to win.” 

Having won two Olympic gold medals, Nicola “wants to life the Glitterball trophy now”. 

But will Maisie pip her to the post with a head start of knowing what the show is all about? 

Viewers have been commenting on Maisie’s part in a previous Christmas special. 

I would point out that Maisie won the Children In Need Special last year, but Susannah Reed also did one before going on Strictly a few years ago,” someone wrote on Twitter. 

@maisie_smith_was so good on the Christmas special, think she’s going to do very well,” another said. 

A fan commented: “She won all ready children in need and can dance all ready not my fave. I like people who have to learn to dance.” 

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 starts Saturday 17 October. 

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