Struggling character packs their bags and leaves Emmerdale after death

It’s farewell to the village for another long-term Emmerdale character, as Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) packs his bags and says his goodbyes to his family in upcoming episodes.

The exit comes following the shock death of Charles’s father, Victor (Eddie Osei).

Charles was furious that his mum Claudette (Flo Wilson) allowed Victor back into her life and her affections.

Victor had blighted Charles’s childhood and made Claudette’s life unbearable at times with his criminal behaviour, which had led eventually to a 25 year stretch in prison.

At one point Claudette had been held hostage by criminal associates of Victor, an incident which Charles still found difficult to come to terms with.

Claudette’s determination to forgive her husband for his past wrongdoings was put to the test when Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) accused him of stealing the necklace that Rishi gave to her.

Manpreet’s accusations seemed to be correct when Claudette found the necklace in Victor’s pocket and he fled the scene before the police could arrive.

‘I think her heart’s broken,’ Flo Wilson told us of Claudette’s reaction to all this. ‘She knows he’s ill and she thought this would be their one chance to just be together and she just can’t believe that he’s wrecked it again for something so stupid.’

Charles was horrified to discover that his father was at the church, and that he’d died. Even more horrific was the knowledge that he’d planted the necklace in Victor’s pocket. He’d wanted to get rid of Victor – but certainly not by killing him.

An anguished Charles couldn’t deal with what he’d done. Victor had been suffering from a brain aneurysm, but Charles’s actions could well have hastened his end and meant that he’d died on his own, without Claudette by his side.

His guilt over his role in his father’s death gets the better of him in the days to come, as he can’t bear to admit the truth to a heartbroken Claudette.

So he packs his bag and sets off on a retreat, relieved to be putting the village behind him for a while.

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