Ted Lasso's Penultimate Episode Paves the Way for Potential Series Finale — Plus, [Spoiler]'s Backstory Revealed

Ted Lasso‘s penultimate episode stopped short of revealing this year’s truth bomb, but it did set the stage for next week’s finale — which may or may not be a series finale.

A visit from Mom afforded Ted the opportunity to unload the burden he’s carried ever since his father died. For years, Dottie intimated that she wasn’t affected by her husband’s suicide. Ted, in turn, thought the only way forward was to bottle his trauma and go about life as though he, too, was unfazed.

But Dottie didn’t come to Richmond to be confronted by her son; she came to tell him that Henry misses him. Ted welled up and admitted that he was scared — scared of getting too close to his son because he knows he’ll inevitably grow up and leave. He has to keep playing, though. He can’t forfeit his position as Henry’s father out of fear. The time has come for him to return to Kansas and take a more active role in his son’s life. That’s almost certainly what Ted was about to tell Rebecca when Episode 11 cut to black.

Ted’s probable departure comes on the heels of an improbable, 16-game winning streak for AFC Richmond, which culminated in a surprise victory on Manchester City’s home turf. The Greyhounds are just one win away from the Premier League title — a title they’ll likely achieve with an assist from the “Wonder Kid.” Nate’s return to Nelson Road is all but certain after he was offered a second chance by Coach Beard. Ted’s mysterious sidekick was also given a surprise backstory: He told Nate that he spent time in prison (!) for stealing a loaf of meth (!!). It was Ted, his former college football buddy, who offered him a second chance when no one else would.

Conversely, Nate’s former boss Rupert appears to have exhausted all goodwill. Following the match at Man City, Rebecca returned home, only to be confronted by Bex and Ms. Kakes, who appear to have formed a united front against West Ham United’s sinister owner. Will Rebecca assist in their presumed effort to take her ex-husband down a peg?

Among other notable developments in Season 3’s penultimate episode…

* Despite sleeping together, Roy and Keeley have not resumed their relationship. However, Roy has made clear his desire to be more than just friends.

* Following a heart-to-heart with his mom and a pep talk from Ted, Jamie realized that he needed to forgive his father and put the past behind him — not for his father’s sake, but for his own. The anger that once fueled him was now a deterrent; he needed to let go in order to move forward. James, meanwhile, appeared to be watching the Richmond vs. Man City match from rehab, so perhaps there’s hope for father and son to start over.

What did you think of Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 11: “Mom City”? And what are your hopes for next week’s finale? Sound off in Comments.

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