Teen Mom star Vee Rivera breaks down in tears after daughter Vivi, 5, makes her a sweet Valentine's Day card

TEEN Mom star Vee Rivera broke down in tears after sharin a sweet Valentine's card made by her five-year-old daughter

Sharing on social media the moment she discoveed the card, Vee wrote: "Vivi must have put this in my purse yeserday for me to find and I want to cry."

The card was a simple piece of pink paper covered in hand-drawn hearts.

"My sweet baby," added Vee, who then flipped the camera to herself welling up.

Vee married Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry's ex Jo Rivera, 29, in 2017.

The couple's only child is Vivi, while Jo also shares 10-year-old son Isaac with Kailyn, 28.

Despite the drama that may come with sharing a baby daddy, Kailyn and Vee formed a friendship and currently co-host the podcast Baby Mamas No Drama together.

Although the couple tends to keep their daughter's life relatively private, the reality star has shared some special moments with her daughter of late.

In December she psoted a rare photo of five-year-old daughter Vivi looking all grown up at the hair salon.

In a series of two photos, Vivi smiled as she showed off her newly done long hair.

Her brunette hair was long and slightly wavy, while the five-year-old also wore a shirt that read "Support your local girl pack!"

The Vivid Belleza owner posted an adorable video clip to her Instagram stories in January, where she and her husband Jo enjoyed family activities with their daughter on a scooter ride throughout their neighborhood.

The three Riveras lined up to race, and when Vivi started ahead of her parents Vee laughed and joked that the kindergartener was a "cheater."

Vivi was fully sported out in a head to toe pink outfit including a matching safety helmet and scooter as the family sped down the street laughing.

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