Teletubbies original Sun Baby is all grown up as recent snap goes viral

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Teletubbies' original Sun Baby Jess Smith is all grown up after leaving the iconic role in 2001, but recent appearances have seen fans confused.

A picture of the OG Sun Baby Jess holding a baby went viral and some claimed it was her baby.

Even BBC Radio 1 presenter, Greg James, was confused by the post as, in response, he tweeted: “This has made me feel 800 years old.”

The Teletubbies HQ Twitter account came to the rescue to set the record straight as they replied to Greg: “This is the original Sun Baby, Jess Smith, with our new Sun Baby, Berry! Seeing Jess all grown up makes us feel old too!”

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So the baby is not Jess Smith's baby.

She had actually been photographed with the new Teletubby baby, Berry, who was only 18 months old at the time

Jess Smith, now in her mid 20s, played the Sun Baby in the Teletubbies from 1997 to 2001.

When she was cast in the show, Jess was being weighed at a hospital while a Teletubbies Producer was looking for a happy-looking baby to use for the sun.

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They put a mirror and camera in front of her while she was sat in a highchair and she watched her dad and laughed at him while he played with toy cars.

For a lot of 90s kids, Tinky Winky, Laa Laa, Po and Dipsy became an important part of their childhood.

The Sun Baby was the adorable baby that smiled over their the multi-coloured Teletubbies as they pranced around on the faux green field.

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Jess Smith had played the role of the Sun Baby for quite a while before handing over the torch to Berry.

More recently, an older – yet still grown up – image of Jess went viral on Facebook, with commentators unable to believe the transformation.

One said: ”I feel older again now knowing that there's a new sun baby.”

Another was not convinced: “Still makes me feel ancient.”

The children's favourite show has been filming again since 2015 and making new episodes for kids to enjoy.

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