The Apprentice fans spot blunder as candidate swears during pitch

The Apprentice: Shannon quits in the boardroom

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The Apprentice returned to BBC One on Thursday evening for the third instalment of season 17 where the candidates had to make an educational cartoon for children aged between two and four years old. Both teams faced a grilling from industry experts as well as Lord Alan Sugar in the boardroom. But Marnie Swindells accidentally let an explicit word slip out during her team’s pitch which did not go unnoticed by viewers. 

During the episode, one team created a short visual story about a giraffe “with a nervous laugh” who got picked on for being tall.

The second team told a tale about a disabled child being included by other children in the playground. 

Avi Sharma spearheaded one group whereas Reece Donnelly led the other team. 

Marnie was on Avi’s team and she wanted to help lead the pitch about their children’s cartoon character called Yogita the giraffe. 

Avi began the pitch, telling four industry experts: “Our aim is to educate and inspire two to four years olds.” 

After the cartoon was played, Marine accidentally said: “The concept as you’ve just s**t – as you’ve just seen – shows a very tall giraffe who feels a bit out of the ordinary.

“The thing that makes her different she utilises in a way to make friends.”

The Apprentice fans were tweeting throughout the “cringeworthy” episode, with some picking up on the fact Marnie dropped the s-bomb in front of children’s television experts. 

Alisa Cowen shared with a laughing face emoji: “She said ‘s**t’ in the pitch #TheApprentice.” 

Andrew Jazzie quipped: “’The concept as you’ve just s**t’. Quote of the year.”

Celine remarked: “Not her accidentally saying s**t in a business pitch #TheApprentice.” 

Philip Lickley commented: “The thing you have just s**t… #FreudianSlip #TheApprentice.” 

Other viewers were more focused on how “cringeworthy” the disastrous pitches were which left them squirming. 

Nat penned: “The pitches on The Apprentice honestly make my toes curl from cringe #TheApprentice.” 

Claire Simpson remarked: “The cringe levels are off the scale this week #theapprentice.” 

The second team’s pitch did not go smoothly either, with experts questioning why the two cartoon characters on the screen had no hands or feet. 

Reece replied: “So we didn’t want to finish it as a complete project, we wanted to keep it open to imagination and interpretation.” 

The expert was not buying his reason and Reece’s team ended up losing the task. 

Despite his poor judgement throughout the task, Lord Sugar chose to save him and fire Gregory Ebbs instead.

The Apprentice continues next Thursday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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