'The Bachelor': Did Matt James' Latest Social Media Post Give Away the Winner of his Season?

ABC’s long-running reality TV series, The Bachelor, is airing season 25 with Matt James, but fans think the lead already gave away who wins. The 28-year-old real estate broker and entrepreneur shared a teaser for Week 2’s episode, and fans have a theory about what it means.

‘The Bachelor’ Week 2: Matt James and Bri Springs have a romantic one-on-one date

On Jan. 11, 2021, Matt James took Bri Springs on his first one-on-one date on The Bachelor. The two rode all-terrain-vehicles through the muddy outdoors surrounding the Nemacolin resort in western Pennsylvania. After an adventurous outing, James carried his mud-stained date over to a steaming hot tub. They undressed, got in, and relaxed with bubbling glasses full of champagne. 

Later in the episode, James hosted the largest group date ever, with 18 women dressing up for a wedding photoshoot. After James posed and kissed each of his potential brides, he went on another one-on-one date. 

The last date was with Sarah Trott. The couple set off on a romantic ride aboard a 1930s plane. Then they shared champagne on a cozy couch in the woods by a fire. 

‘The Bachelor’ fans have a theory about James and Bri

On social media, the day before the episode aired, James shared three photos with only him and Bri in them. 

“I blindfold you, take you on our perfect first date,” the Bachelor captioned the photos. “Where are we headed?”

Fans on social media quickly pointed out that James went on another one-on-one date in the same episode, but he didn’t mention it. He also kissed numerous other women in week two but didn’t post photos of any of them. 

“Other leads haven’t done this, especially not so early,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “I’m honestly not convinced he’s engaged to someone else.”

According to Reality Steve Carbone, James proposes to someone else, not Bri. So, fans who have heard the spoiler are confused. They think his social media post indicated that he proposed to Bri during the finale.

Fans are already rooting for Bri to win season 25 or become the next ‘Bachelorette’ lead

Although it is very early in the season, Bri is a fan-favorite to win Matt James’ heart on The Bachelor.

“This seems super early to post from a lead,” another fan added. “I like to see some interactions before I pick a fav, but Bri already sticks out and has me rooting for her.”

Other fans point out that the audience usually gets attached to the woman who goes on the first date with the show’s lead. If she doesn’t win the season, fans are optimistic that she could become the next Bachelorette lead.

“This is cute!!” one viewer wrote. “Interestingly, her edit so far reminds me of Becca’s during Arie’s season (before the switch). She also got the first rose and first date. I see strong F1 or bachelorette potential from Bri.”

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