The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming to Netflix in August 2019

Summer is coming to an end, so you’re probably enjoying as much of this nice weather as you can. But in between trips to the beach and last minute vacations, you might want to lounge on the couch and kick back with what’s new on Netflix. The list of TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in August 2019 just arrived, and it features some classic comedies, one of the most popular sports franchises of all-time, a couple Nickelodeon specials, the first Netflix production from Barack & Michelle Obama, and more.

Get the full list of the best TV shows and movies coming to Netflix below.

Groundhog Day

It doesn’t matter whether it’s February 2nd or not, because there’s no bad time to watch Groundhog Day. This classic comedy starring Bill Murray and directed by the late, great Harold Ramis has inspired countless other films with similar concepts, ranging from Source Code to Happy Death Day, but nothing beats the comedic (and occasionally dark) approach to it in the small town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Now and Then

If The Sandlot is the defining coming of age movie for boys who grew up in the 1990s, then Now and Then is undoubtedly the one for the girls. But Now and Then transcends just being a movie that girls who grew up in the 1990s loved to watch. It’s a great throwback to the kind of summers that kids of the 1970s used to enjoy, riding bikes, playing baseball, stopping by the drive-in for an ice cream. And it features a great ensemble cast that includes Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith, Rosie O’Donnell and Rita Wilson, not to mention Gaby Hoffman, Thora Birch, Christina Ricci and Ashleigh Aston Moore as their respective younger selves.

Mindhunter Season 2

Our own Chris Evangelista says the first season of Mindhunter is among the best original programs Netflix has ever released. Executive producer David Fincher brings his own unique, dark cinematic style to this thrilling series inspired by the real-life early days of criminal profiling, and the birth of studying serial killers. The second season of Mindhunter has been long in the making – season 1 debuted in October 2017. We haven’t seen actual footage from season 2 yet, but we have a feeling it’ll be more than worth the wait. Season 2 finds FBI profilers investigating the Atlanta Child Murders, and throws Charles Manson into the mix as well.

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling

The beloved NickToon is finally back with the TV movie that was promised to us years ago. Netflix picked up the animated special from Netflix, and this month it brings back the wallaby Rocko, and his friends Heffer the cow and Filburt the turtle for a meta revival that finds the gang arriving back on Earth after being stranded in space for a couple decades. It looks every bit as weird and fun as the original series was, and it should be a nice dose of nostalgia for longtime fans.

American Factory

Barack and Michelle Obama are using their high profile to get some projects off the ground that people really should pay attention to. The first is a documentary that played the Sundance Film Festival, and it follows the exploits inside the walls of a multinational car-glass manufacturer as American factory workers must mesh with transplanted Chinese workers who have a much different approach to their work. Tensions rise, but there might be even bigger problems for these factory workers around the corner. This sounds like a compelling look at the American workforce and the struggles that they face today.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

After playing the first episode at Comic-Con, the prequel series to the cult favorite 1982 film will bring the world of The Dark Crystal back to life. If the first reactions out of San Diego are any indicator, then we’ve got a fantasy epic on our hands here that will blow you away. How does Game of Thrones with incredible puppetry sound? Because apparently this is some dense fantasy with gorgeous visuals that will captivate longtime fans of The Dark Crystal and maybe even reel in some new ones.

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