The Chase fix row erupts as fans blast Mark Labbett win: Absolute joke

The Chase: Bradley shocked by guest's spate of lucky guesses

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Host Bradley Walsh was accused by The Chase viewers of asking questions directed at Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbet faster than the way he asked contestants, with easier questions. It came as Mark beat players Ross, Amanda, Serena and Karl, who had collected £20,000 to take to the Final Chase. Mark ended up catching them in the final round, only just managing to beat them after they put up a score of 22 to catch. ITV viewers fumed as they flooded Twitter with claims of a “fix” on the game show.

It wasn’t just the speed of Bradley’s questioning which irked viewers as others blasted the difficulty of Mark’s questions compared to the team’s.

Mark was asked questions such as the date Christmas Day fell on as well as which animal Peppa was from the children’s animated series, Peppa Pig.

Lee Wightman argued: “Absolute joke questions that the chaser got and Bradley was reading them as fast as he could. Fix #thechase.”

Angie echoed this, writing: “Nah, that was fixed. Mark’s questions were way too easy. They deserved that win. #TheChase”

“Absolute gift Xmas day question [face palm emoji] #TheChase,” Garry penned.

Stevie Dee wrote: “FFS what date is Xmas Day for the Chaser! Easiest set of questions ever! @itv should be ashamed! #TheChase.”

Judith Rollason agreed, sharing: “The Beast’s questions today on the Chase were so easy no wonder he won!”

Debra Davies also questioned the show, stating: “I could answer every single one of the chasers set…fix?#TheChase.” (sic)

However, others praised Mark for being able to catch the team’s impressive score of 22.

David Peter Johnson chimed: “Mark is the most chuffed of The Chasers when he wins!

“To be fair I thought he was beaten there halfway through, the boy did good. #thechase.”

Izzi Amor observed: “What a brilliant final chase, that was an amazing team but Mark has proved he really is an amazing chaser #thechase.”

“#TheChase Great effort mark Amazing win [thumbs up emoji],” Marshall James wrote.

@uzzyftbl commented: “Well played the Beast, 22 caught with time remaining [applause emoji] #TheChase.”

Elsewhere in the general knowledge-themed game show, Bradley was left baffled by the “jammiest” contestant he’s come across after she managed to get through to the next round with her fellow players.

As the third contestant up, Serena managed to collect £2,000 in her cash-builder round against The Beast.

Serena said she was “pleased” with the £2,000, while Bradley commented that she could do better.

The player opted to go with the £2,000, despite Mark suggesting she should have gone with the low offer of minus £1,000.

But during her round against Mark, Serena was unsure on several questions.

She admitted she hadn’t known any of the answers but managed not to get caught by The Beast as she relied on lucky guesses.

As the round neared its end, Serena still needed one more point to escape being caught and re-join her teammates.

Thankfully, a Game of Thrones question was familiar to her, and she answered correctly.

“The only one Serena’s known,” the presenter commented. He added: “That is the jammiest I have ever seen in my life.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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