The Chase host Bradley Walsh told off for Anne Hegerty weight insult: ‘Can’t say that!’

The Chase: Bradley likens Anne Hegerty to an ‘Amazon Warehouse’

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Bradley Walsh, 60, was on hand to host The Chase and help another four quizzing amateurs get their hands on a share of the jackpot prize. Before they could get the money, the quartet needed to take on one of the six quizmasters waiting in the wings to quash them. Not knowing who was going to walk into the studio, the host of the ITV quiz show gave a little description of each of the Chasers. However, it seems he went a little too far about Anne, 62, and was told off by contestant Mia.

As the first player up, it was up to Mia to get the jackpot started and during her cash-builder round, she accumulated a fair sum of money

Taking her place at the bottom of the game table, the contestant was keen to see which of the Chasers she was going to take on.

Going through her options, Bradley said: “Maybe it will be The Governess. She’s as fierce as an Amazon warrior.

“Built like an Amazon warehouse,” he continued as he made the jibe about her stature and he got quite the reaction from Mia.

After initially laughing at the comment, the contestant turned to the host and told him he “couldn’t say that”.

The remark appeared to be made in jest, however, as the ITV frontman laughed off the collaring.

Eventually, it was revealed the Chaser she was going to take on was The Beast star, Mark Labbett, 55, who seemed eager to defeat the team.

Following a tense head-to-head round, Mia failed to make it back for the Final Chase after being puzzled by a question regarding US presidents.

After Mia was sent packing, it was time for Steve to make sure he made it back for the Final Chase and to get the jackpot started.

The quizzing amateur managed to accumulate £8,000 and defeated Mark, meaning the prize pot was starting to look very healthy.


Can’t say that

The Chase contestant

Up next was contestant Liz and during her cash-builder round, she managed to wrack up £7,000 which Bradley said was “very impressive”.

Once again, she proved she was a worthy opponent for Mark as she made it back to the team panel and brought the jackpot up to £15,000.

Last but not least with contestant Dmitri, who managed to accumulate £5,000 during his cash-builder round with the host.

Unfortunately, he did not meet the same feat as his predecessors as Mark’s knowledge was too powerful to overcome.

This meant it was up to Steve and Liz to work together to try and win the £15,000 jackpot they’d worked hard to build.

Putting their heads together for the first time, the pair managed to wrack up 19 points that Mark would have to match to defeat them.

Unfortunately for The Beast, he didn’t manage to outrun the contestants as he only managed to match 17 of their points.

The Chaser looked very disappointed with the loss but still congratulated his opponents on their performance.

Taking to Twitter, those watching at home reacted to the result, with one writing: “If Mark didn’t bottle it then he could have won but fair play to the team #TheChase.”

Another posted: “I love it when they beat Beastie Boy – he takes it so personally. Well done Guys!! #TheChase.”

Whilst a third commented: “Glad for them, they deserved it, and put more or less their winning amounts into the pot, very fair. And Mark… you’re not the boss! #TheChase.”

“@MarkLabbett looks genuinely p****d off with himself for losing on #thechase this evening…that’s a born winner right there,” a fourth shared.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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