The Chase viewers 'fall in love' with stunning brunette contestant

THE Chase viewers were bowled over with one contestant's stunning looks.

On Monday's episode, host Bradley Walsh introduced Pepe – a 23-year-old learning support assistant from Hampshire.

The gorgeous brunette went up against Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty, but viewers were too distracted by her looks.

"MARRY ME PEPE!" wrote on enthusiastic Twitter user.

Another added: "How stunning is pepe though."

And a third said: "wow Pepe….what a great way to start 2021."

Fans of the show and Pepe were left devastated when she did not prove enough of a match to beat The Governess.

"Pepe has bitten the dust & a nation mourn," wrote one viewer jokingly.

Some fans were annoyed that people were too focused on her looks

"What an awesome young person Pepe is on #TheChase ambitions, caring, intelligent and hard working…what a shame that's not what Twitter people want to focus on…"

The Chase was just one of two shows Bradley Walsh appeared on ITV on Monday.

He also appeared alongside his sone Barney for a third series of their travel show, Breaking Dad.

Following their trips to the US in the first two seasons, the father and son duo head for Europe in their latest adventure.

Monday's 30-minute programme is the first of six episodes, being held on a weekly basis.

The series is a travelogue in which Bradley, 60, and his son Barney, 23, take adventures across different countries.

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