The Flash Series Finale: What Song Did Joe/Jesse L. Martin Sing to Baby Nora?

The following contains spoilers for the series finale of The Flash.

Soon after The Flash‘s Barry and Iris welcomed Nora into the world, their firstborn child was treated to a performance by series vet (and Tony Award winner) Jesse L. Martin — of an original lullaby that he wrote, no less.

Martin penned the song, “Little Gregory Girl,” a few years ago for Reeve Gregory, the daughter of friend and Arrowverse publicist-turned-Berlanti Productions CMO/Head of Talent Suzanne Gomez.

For the version heard during The Flash‘s series finale, which was used to soothe the fussy newborn as well as tee up a montage of past scenes/moments from The Flash‘s nine-season run, Martin only tweaked some of the words, which had been personalized for Reeve.

“That song Jesse sang, it was a lullaby he actually wrote for Suzanne’s daughter,” Candice Patton (aka “Auntie Candice” to Reeve) tells TVLine.  “So it was kind of this surreal moment where I’m playing Iris and emotional about Nora, and my dad Joe is there, but then there’s this other weird layer of, like, ‘I, Candice, am with this person I love so much, Jesse, and he’s singing a song that he wrote for another friend of ours.

“It was really special moment for me that I don’t ever want to forget,” Patton says.

What did you think of the special performance by Jesse L. Martin?

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