The Grand Tour’s James May rules out inviting Clarkson to cooking show: ‘No opportunity’

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While The Grand Tour and Top Gear fans will know his best as ‘Captain Slow’ behind the wheel, James May’s latest TV project sees him ditch the race track for the kitchen. Oh Cook will see him tackle a number of eccentric and unique dishes as he tries his hand at an all-new type of show. With his Grand Tour co-host Jeremy Clarkson also plotting a show away from cars in his very own farming show, exclusively spoke to James about any possible crossovers between the two projects.

However, James admitted it looks an unlikely prospect for the two to join forces away from The Grand Tour.

“I don’t know,” James said when asked about the possibility. “As far as I can work out he’s only grown potatoes [laughs]. 

“In the pub I bought – or half of it – I was wondering about having Jeremy Clarkson potatoes as a special.

“But economically it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, to be honest.”

The Grand Tour star continued: “My pub to his farm would be probably about 120 miles. That’s a long way to go for a bag of potatoes and probably not particularly ethical or environmental. 

“So I think we will stick with the local potatoes which are grown about half a mile down the road. 

“I don’t see very many other opportunities for crossover, to be honest.”

James did share an insight into how Jeremy’s all-new show is getting on, however.

“I’ve talked to a bit about his farming show – well, he goes on about it all the time because obviously, he’s basically Jethro Tull,” James joked.

He continued: “But he’s got to film a whole year and I can’t remember when he started – so you’re not gonna see it in the next few weeks, Clarkson’s farming show.

“He’s definitely doing it, he’s getting on with it, but he is naturally constrained by the seasons and the farming calendar.”

James then joked he may struggle to watch his colleague’s new show, however.

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“If he’s going to make an eight-part show about growing potatoes, I’m going to struggle with it.”

While it looks like Jeremy won’t get to sample any of James’ dishes in Oh Cook, the two will be reuniting in the next episode of The Grand Tour alongside Richard Hammon.

However, as the coronavirus pandemic has continued to pose problems and restriction across the globe, fans are still none the wiser as to when the next episode will be released on Amazon Prime Video.

It’s a delay James says he “understands” and has hinted will be worth the wait.

“I understand the delay because material for TV is a precious commodity at the moment and we don’t want to throw it away,” he exclusively said.

“You know, it’s a special. It’s got to go on to the right time. 

“Yes, it is difficult to answer people when they go ‘where the bloody hell is it? We know you’ve made it. We know it’s ready. Why don’t they just put it on?’

 “And I don’t know what to say apart from just ‘why not watch my cooking show in the meantime, you know?’ But it is coming. And it is I think pretty good.”

James May: Oh Cook launches on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, November 13, 2020.

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