The Handmaid’s Tale’s Elisabeth Moss lifts lid on June’s mission in Gilead after ‘rising from the ashes’

THE Handmaid’s Tale’s Elisabeth Moss has lifted the lid on June’s mission in Gilead after ‘rising from the ashes’.

Season three of the hit Hulu series saw June mastermind the rescue of dozens of children from Gilead, managing to get them on a plane to safety in Canada.

However, June's daughter Hannah is still in Gilead, and after June was shot by a guard during the escape, she now needs to recover from her injuries and try and rescue her little girl, and others.

Speaking to Gold Derby about the storyline, Elisabeth said: "How do you make a character that is consistently hitting rock bottom, hit rock bottom again? And bring her back up?

"It was hard to do, but I’m really proud of the way we did it.”

"What I’m most proud of is how we pulled June up from the ashes and gave her a real purpose in getting those kids out. I loved that story."

She continued: “I loved the idea that she has been so focused on Hannah and obviously still is, but I loved the idea that she’s started to think a little bit bigger and started to look around at all of the other women who has lost their kids and what had happened to them and take her self out of it.”

As well as starring in the series, Elisabeth is also an executive producer and was about to direct her first episode in season four when production was shut down by the coronavirus pandemic.

Discussing her approach to directing, Elisabeth said: "You’ve got this cast, this incredible orchestra.

"They’re always good, every take is good, every take is brilliant! But to get to go in and give them an idea and then go and sit back at the monitor and be like, just eating my popcorn and watching them be so brilliant.

"It’s so interesting how they would take an idea you said or a thought and then how they translate it and how it comes back out and how they interpret it.

"I became one of those directors that would be crying behind the monitor! I cannot believe I am that director!”

While season four's release has been pushed back to next year, the first trailer for the season dropped last week and saw June and her 'squad' preparing to go to war with Gilead, proving the Handmaid has risen from the ashes yet again.

The Handmaid's Tale season four will premiere on Hulu in 2021.

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