'The Haunting of Bly Manor': The Horrible Thing T'Nia Miller Whispered To Rahul Kohli on Set

The Haunting of Bly Manor doesn’t hold back on the heartbreaking storytelling. From unrealized romances to untimely deaths, season 2 in The Haunting franchise touches upon the kind of horrors that don’t live under your bed. 

In one scene, Owen Sharma (Rahul Kohli) shares news of his mother’s death. Find out the twisted and ominous think Kohli initially heard his co-star T’Nia Miller say shooting that take.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Haunting of Bly Manor.]

Hannah Grose and Owen Sharma have a special relationship

Hannah and Owen share a unique bond where they harmlessly flirt with one another, but never let their romantic feelings get in the way of their duties. Owen and Hannah’s sad, unrealized love story makes her reality all the more heartbreaking. 

Early on in The Haunting of Bly Manor, it is revealed that Owen’s mother is extremely ill. She has an aggressive form of dementia, and as her primary caretaker, Owen devotes all of his time to care for her when he isn’t working at Bly. When Owen found out his mother had died, Hannah and the rest of the Bly Manor regulars comforted him. 

But many fans were tuned in to Hannah and Owen’s embrace during that scene, wherein she whispered something in his ear.

Initially, Rahul Kohli thought T’Nia Miller whispered something awful to him filming that scene 

Kohli explained to Vulture how Bly Manor was filmed episodically for the most part. Shooting the scene where he shares news of his mother’s death was one of the first Kohli felt he “had some meat to dig [his] teeth into.” 

“I misheard T’Nia [during one of those shots],” he said, continuing:

Owen hugs Jamie and Dani. I’m fighting back the tears. I move over to the car, and T’Nia whispers in my ear.

And what I heard was: ‘This was your fault.’

And I nearly f*cking laughed. I was like, ‘Seriously, T’Nia? You’re gonna fucking do me like that on my first take?’

Unsure of whether or not Miller meant to say what she did, Kohli buried his laughter. “I did something to mask my reaction to her f*cking with me, and I jumped in the car,” he added.

Kohli mishearing Miller wasn’t the only mistake to happen during that take. “The car was a whole nightmare thing in itself,” he continued. “I didn’t fit in it, so I actually honked the horn with my knees. Which nearly made everyone laugh.” 

Fortunately, T’Nia Miller said something sweet to Rahul Kohli during that heartbreaking scene

What Kohli initially heard was a complete misunderstanding. As it turns out, Miller was actually saying, “‘This is not your fault’” when she hugged Kohli. 

“We did that [scene] in two takes, so she only whispered to me twice,” Kohli explained. “The one that played [in the episode] … I can’t remember exactly [what she said], but it was something genuine and sweet.” 

Kohli says even if he did remember the kind words Miller whispered, he likely wouldn’t share them. Fortunately, Miller recalled the “cheesey” thing she said in that moment. 

“I can’t remember [exactyl]!” she admitted to TV Line. “It was something like, something like ‘She’ll always be there,’ or ‘I’m here. It’s all right. I’ve got you.’” 

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