The Hills fans beg Audrina and Justin Bobby to get back together after romantic date on New Beginnings episode one

THE Hills fans are begging Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby to get back together after they were spotted enjoying a date during New Beginnings episode one.

The former lovebirds had an on/off relationship from season three until season five of the original show – however never lost contact throughout the show's hiatus.

During last night's first episode of the reboot, Audrina was seen moving into her new home following her divorce from Corey Bohan.

The stunning star later enjoyed a glass of wine with Heidi Montag and Whitney Port on her patio as she opened up about her abusive relationship, before admitting that Justin 'Bobby' Brescia was the first person to reach out to her after her divorce.

And Audrina was then spotted enjoying a dinner date with her former flame at a local restaurant.

The pair evidently still shared an undeniable chemistry as they exchanged longing looks and flirty conversation.

Justin also told Audrina that he always knew that Corey wasn't the love of her life.

Fans of the show immediately took to social media to share their delight about a possible reunion for the former couple.

One wrote: "For over 10 years, I screamed at my TV telling Audrina to stay away from Justin Bobby, but after one episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, I’ll die if they don’t get married and I’m not even being dramatic."





While another commented: "All I know is that I still care about Audrina and Justin Bobby ten years later.#thehillsnewbeginnings"

A third said: "Justin Bobby & Audrina are on a date in 2019!!!!!!!!!! HOW WHY YES"

A fourth stated: "Finally watching #TheHillsNewBeginnings and my teenage self is loving this Audrina and Justin Bobby reunion."

And a fifth enthused: "JUSTIN BOBBY. AUDRINA. THE CHEMISTRY. If it's meant to be, it will be meant to be & sometimes you just need time.  #ishipit #thehills"

Justin and Audrina first began dating in 2007, at the beginning The Hills' third season, when the bad boy was introduced as 'someone from Audrina's past'.

However, while the pair always seemed to be romantically linked, they were never officially branded boyfriend and girlfriend and Audrina was also seen dating other people throughout the series.

After the show finished in 2010, the former flames both revealed that they were never actually together, despite it being a story line throughout.

During an interview with Complex in 2015, Justin said: "Were we like boyfriend girlfriend? No, we weren’t. We worked a lot, we had some moments, we spent a lot of time together."

Audrina also admitted similar during a Q&A on her website: "We kept in touch and were ‘together but not together,’ if that makes sense. It was a confusingly interesting time to say the least! We had a real connection and love for each other, but we were both also VERY young."

But, fan's wishes of the pair getting together on the Hills reboot could be coming true, as Audrina hinted that things could turn romantic again for the pair.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I’ve known Justin since I was 19-years-old, it’s been so long,’ she said, adding, ‘I think there’s always going to be chemistry between us. ‘But it’s all about timing."

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