The Masked Singer host teases ‘insane’ reveal in final episodes

Kelis was revealed last weekend after singing Unforgettable as her final song, and her true identity was actually guessed by judge Rita Ora. Host Joel has now revealed just how strict the rules are backstage on the show, saying he also had to sign a non-disclosure agreement while teasing the remaining celebrity identities.

It’s no secret the celebrities don’t know who they are competing against in the show, but as it turns out, not even the host knows who is really behind the mask. 

Joel has been a great support for all the celebrities after their performances as they wait for the judges’ comments. 

But how much did he really know when they were filming back in September? 

Joel told press including on the red carpet at the National Television Awards: “I had to sign NDA’s but obviously it was filmed in September.

“I’ve been tight lipped but that’s the beauty of it is that you don’t tell anyone.”

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He continued: “Then you can really enjoy the game of it and everyone loved the ceremony of it.”

Joel was joined by Hedgehog on the red carpet but their real identity remained a secret.

The presenter went on to describe what it was really like backstage surrounded by mute characters.

He said: “Backstage is nuts. It’s just mad because you walk in and there is a duck here and chameleon there.

“Hedgehog is here tonight. I think they just found him outside the O2 and put him in the costume.”

Joel teased what is coming up in the final episodes and it seems there is a lot more to come, even though viewers didn’t know that was really possible. 

He explained: “The celebrities to come are insane, so insane.

“And I think they will have to bring it back, then hopefully they can get even bigger people.”

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He continued: “The celebrities that they have unmasked so far are amazing, Kelis, what a reveal!”

Unmasked celebrities have also spoken out about the secrets they were forced to keep whilst on the show. 

The Tree, Teddy Sheringham told “I got picked up from my house in a car and then we had to put on a balaclava and crash helmet.

“Then a big hoodie top that said ‘don’t speak to me’. There were about 60 people on site and only two or three people knew.

“You could only nod, come out dressed and then go back home.”


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The Chameleon, Justin Hawkins explained: “I didn’t tell anybody, I wasn’t allowed. I wouldn’t be able to trust my mum with that, she’s quite old school, almost quite medieval old school, a problem shared is a problem divided.

“So if anyone has got any secrets they go and tell her and she makes sure all the relevant parties know.

“She’ll always say you mustn’t tell anybody, but… and then she goes on and tells everyone. So yeah, I didn’t tell her.

“I wasn’t allowed to talk to anybody before it was broadcast, it was about six months.” 

The Masked Singer continues on ITV on Saturday at 7pm

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