The One Show announces presenter shake-up as Tom Daley steps in to host

The One Show: Tom Daley to be new presenter

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Tom, 27, appeared on BBC’s The One Show to speak to hosts Sam Quek and Ronan Keating about his autobiography, Coming Up For Air. However, the diver also revealed he would be back on the show as soon as next week but on the other side of the sofa. The gold medal-winner will be presenting the show next week amid a hosting restructure on the show.

After discussing his new book, former field hockey player Sam, 32, commented: “Thank you so much, Tom and a huge congratulations.

“Tom’s book is out on Thursday and next week he’ll also be going into the deep end because he’s going to be presenting The One Show here.”

“Yes, I’m excited to help!” the television personality replied enthusiastically.

“I think it’s next Friday, the 22nd I think – whatever day that is!”

“We’ll see you then,” Sam remarked. Former Boyzone star Ronan added: “Tom, you’re an inspiration and a role model for humanity.

“Thank you for being on the show, good on you – thank you.”

It wasn’t revealed who from The One Show Tom would be stepping in to replace.

On the topic of Tom’s book, Ronan described it as “incredibly open and honest about lots of things”.

He asked: “You talk about mental health, bereavement, bullying – why do you feel now’s the time for you to talk about it?”

Tom replied: “I think I’ve realised how much I’ve actually been through in my life and what got me to an Olympic Gold Medal.

“The things that have happened – my family, coming out the difficulty of body image within sport and there’s so many things that people have to go through.

“I feel like it’s very behind the scenes because all of my struggles with illnesses and injuries and all of that kind of stuff, you don’t want to share with your competitors and say, ‘Oh I’m really struggling with this illness’ because you don’t want to give your competitors any thought that they can beat you.

“Earlier in the year I had Covid, I had knee surgery in the beginning of June and no one knew.

“I think that’s where the power of visualisation and the power of believing in yourself and manifesting your own destiny really can play a huge part.”

Viewers rushed to social media to respond to the announcement and praise his interview on the show.

Tania on Twitter commented: “Great looking forward to that you’re bound to be fantastic Tom.”

Philip wrote: “#tomdaley what an extraordinary athlete and person. Just watched him on The One Show and he is off the scale a role model for everyone.”

Karen echoed this, sharing: “Fabulous interview with @TomDaley1994 on the one show tonight.”

“@TomDaley1994 great interview on the one show tonight. Very honest and brave. Well done. You’re a national treasure,” penned Off2North.

MrsBarrass chimed: “@TomDaley1994 speaking sense on the one show.”

The One Show airs daily at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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