The One Show fans bizarrely claim Debbie McGee has Paul Daniels’ ‘head in a jar’

The One Show viewers were left baffled after watching a video message from Debbie McGee the widow of legendary magician Paul Daniels.

Strictly stars Caroline Quentin and her dance partner Johannes Radebe were interviewed on Thursday's instalment of the BBC show by hosts Alex Jones and Gethin Jones.

During the interview a video message from Caroline's pal Debbie, wife of Paul who tragically died from a brain tumour in 2016, was played wishing her good luck.

After the programme, viewers made bizarre claims she had what looked like a jar, with her late husband's head stuffed in it, on the shelf behind her.

One tweeted: "Is that the stuffed head of Paul Daniels?"

Another remarked: "Debbie McGee keeps Paul Daniels’ head in a glass dome beside her fire. Now that’s magic! #TheOneShow ".

A third added: "#theoneshow did Debbie McGee have Paul Daniels head in a terrarium?"

Debbie also worked as magical assistant for Paul, one of Britain's best-loved stars, until his death.

During the segment she said: "Hi Caroline, it's me, the lovely Debbie McGee, i am just hear to wish you loads of luck for Saturday night, I am sure you will have a ball.

"And I don't mind losing my title of the lovely Debbie McGee, because as soon as everybody gets to know you and your lovely naturally funny personality, you will be the lovely Caroline Quentin!

Caroline said: "Oh my darling! Isn't she adorable? I did my first job with the lovely Debbie McGee!".

Caroline and Johannes revealed they have had a grueling training schedule ahead of their appearance on the show this Saturday.

They also told on the show how there will be lifts incorporated into their first routine – the American Smooth.

"I can barely string a sentence together, I am so tired!" Caroline said.

She also joked Johannes had a secret dark side.

She said: "He appears to be very nice, but there is stuff in here I have revealed that is not pleasant."

Daily Star Online has contacted a representative of Debbie McGee for comment.

Debbie revealed in June she had her bum pinched by a randy chimpanzee during one of her late husband Paul Daniels' magic tricks.

The cheeky baby chimp grabbed Debbie's behind when Paul performed a hilarious skit on TV.

Debbie, 61, said: "I was involved with this one and they were sitting at a table with him.

"I was the one that was ferrying props in and out. It was fascinating because they really were like human beings.

"Every time I put something down he kept following me like a man would, ogling me.

"About the third time I came in and put this prop on the table and this cheeky little chimp pinched me on the bum."

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