The One Show sparks Twitter row over The Black Boy pub renaming debate

BBC The One Show has ignited an online debate after airing a segment of the show, which discussed the possibility of The Black Boy pubs changing their names.

During the segment, it was revealed that the name dates back to the 1500s and there are still nearly 30 pubs across England and Wales with the name.

Campaigners claim that the name can cause offence.

The show focused on landlord Peter Dillingham who owns a Black Boy pub in St Albans, and who is debating changing the name.

While he is yet to rename the pub, he is discussing with locals about a possible relaunch.

As the segment aired on BBC One viewers flocked to Twitter to give their take.

Far from impressed, one viewer tweeted: "God we'll be changing the name of Black Forest Gateaux next, ooh and Black Tea, Dark Chocolate, Black widow spiders in fact anything with the word Black in it."

Another added: "Not sure erasing black from our vocabulary is the correct way to tackle racism, enough of this BBC b******s."

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"#theoneshow so people are happy to change the name of a pub called "the black boy" because of its racism, but then beyonce's 'the black king' is ok to release with that name?! Not a bit contradictory at all?," a third accused.

However, others supported the change.

One viewer wrote: "Why is it that people are always angry when there is any opinion giving questioning language or old tropes appearing on television? It's almost as if they are afraid of the challenge. #TheOneShow"

A second chimed in: "Oh for heaven's sake, pubs change their names all the time. Just change the name from 'The Black Boy' and just move on."

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One

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