The One Show’s Alex Jones fumes at husband’s toilet habit which ‘takes too long’

The One Show took an awkward turn when as she opened up about her husband Charlie Thomson's "extended" time in the loo.

The TV star and her co-host Jermaine Jenas, 40, welcomed comedian Dara O'Brien onto the iconic BBC sofa on Tuesday (May 23) to promote his new panel show, Dara Ó Briain's Time Wasters.

His new panel show and podcast is called "Dara Ó Briain's Time Wasters" where he gets comedians round the table to talk about the "small irritations in life that you have lost time too."

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However, despite Dara insisting the podcast was meant to be funny, the conversation then took a downhill turn as the presenters opened up on their own irritations live on air.

When she was asked what her irritations were Alex, 46, couldn't help but open up on her own personal life in a rant on the show, sending the studio into chaos.

She exclaimed: "So many, I hate time wasting."

"It's not me, though I've got a list and he'll be watching. My husband does a lot of stuff. Mainly, Charlie, watching rugby videos in the loo or fishing videos."

Jermaine Jenas looked visibly shocked as his co-hosts made her private revelation on the show.

Dara tried to break up the conversation as he asked: "Are you saying that toilet time can't also be used as your content [time]?"

But Alex jumped back in, saying: "But it extends toilet time."

Dara, trying not to laugh, joked: "It does extend toilet time, I'll accept that, it does. you think an efficient toilet time is a good toilet time."

Alex interjected: "Come on, three minutes, in [and] out!" to which Dara responded, "job done, gone."

A visibly cringing Jermaine then enquired: "Even on a timer?" as he turned to Alex to ask: "Charlie's now on a timer?"

To which the BBC presenter then clarified: "it's not official," before she then went onto have a dig at her co-presenter as she screeched: "I mean YOU, you play golf all the time!"

Jermaine ended the conversation as he exclaimed: "You're throwing us all under the bus today aren't ya! We're all getting it!"


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