The Reckoning viewers switch off BBC drama as some label it too much

The Reckoning official trailer

Some viewers of The Reckoning have claimed they “switched off” whilst watching the BBC drama on Tuesday.

The BBC sees actor Steve Coogan taking on the role of one of the most notorious paedophiles in British history, Jimmy Savile.

While viewers praised Steve’s gripping performance, many were unable to watch the “disturbing” programme.

Twitter user @LesleyAnndillon penned: “Did any of you watch the #Saville programme? I tried but had to switch off.. too much. #TheReckoning.” (sic)

They added: “I was about 10/15 minutes in and had to switch off.”

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Responding, @cullen_annette wrote: “Didn’t even try. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stomach it.”

@YermaZaguddin added: “I’m not sure I could take it currently.”

Others labelled the drama “gripping yet disturbing.”

“#TheReckoning is a gripping yet disturbing watch,” @spiderkevlar added.

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@TsagaanBat tweeted: “@BBCOneDrama Got to say #SteveCoogan is incredible in #TheReckoning.

“I wonder if he found it hard to accept the role of such an evil character as #JimmySavile? I can’t imagine anyone else carrying it off so successfully.

“Well done #BBCDrama, well done #SteveCoogan.” (sic)

@Dembellly added: “Just watched the first episode of #TheReckoning Steve Coogan is utterly brilliant. It is a dark watch at times.”

@WayneSmithUK71 shared: “Stephen Coogan deserves a BAFTA for his portrayal of Jimmy Savile #TheReckoning.”

Savile was one of the UK’s most influential celebrities, who managed to climb up the social ladder and befriend royalty and A-listers.

Following his death in 2011, victims were finally able to speak out about what happened to them and highlight how he managed to hide in plain sight.

Discussing how he felt filming certain scenes, actor Steve told and other publications: “That was really disturbing, I mean what can you say… It is as disturbing as it looks.

“I think it speaks to the creators, it has been two years to do this and the reason it took so long isn’t that anyone got cold feet but [because] diligent and forensic application [was taken] about trying to make sure all the right decisions were made.

“One of the creative tensions, there is no right or wrong answer it just comes down to your opinion on what is the right thing to do.

“There is a tension on showing too much of Savile’s offences and it being grotesque or sugarcoating them.”

The Reckoning continues on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One, with the full series available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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